An anonymous prosecutor of actor Kevin Spacey is required by the judge to reveal his identity to the court if he wants to continue his case,




The victim wants to remain anonymous because he is afraid that his post-traumatic stress disorder will reappear.

The anonymous prosecutor is known only as 'CD' and is assisted by actor Anthony Rapp, who also sued the actor.

Now in his 50s, 'CD' says Spacey, now 61, sexually assaulted him in the 1980s.

He was fourteen years old at the time.

'CD' filed the complaint last September and is seeking damages of some 33 million euros.

Spacey, known from the

House of Cards


, has been accused by several people of sexually unacceptable behavior.

Rapp was the first to publish this in 2017.

At least eight people have told their story.

As a result, Netflix ended its partnership with Spacey.