As a 77-year-old, Maarten van Rossem should have had an invitation for a vaccination for a long time, but it was not forthcoming.

When the historian himself started calling and told this on television, it resulted in considerable criticism, even now.

Even Minister Hugo de Jonge was critical of Van Rossem's initiative.

"Me, me, me and the rest can suffocate ... selfishness is the last thing we can use right now. Fortunately most people are good," he wrote on Twitter.

Van Rossem thinks he deserves an apology, but they are not forthcoming.

"I did not expect anything else. Because then of course he would have had to admit that he was completely wrong. It was just my turn to get an injection, but I just had not received an invitation yet, which is why I called. When the Mrs. I put a prick in my arm and I told them I was 77, she said: 'Gosh, how strange that you are only here now, because today it is the turn of the 74-year-olds.'

Van Rossem knows that it has become a household name on social media, people propose to each other to do "a Van Rossempje": call and ask questions. Van Rossem: "It has amazed me what an immense anger this has generated. Dozens of people have written to the KRO-NCRV that I should be immediately removed from

The smartest man

. A man who is so bad should not sit there. It is Dutch anger, aren't we? We are very good at that here, getting angry about things we don't know about at all. "

The injection has given Van Rossem some of his freedom of movement back, although the recordings of his program with sister Sis and brother Vincent were already before. “That's one of the strangest things in the TV industry, not a single TV show has been canceled because of corona. Even though my sister is a very vulnerable type. If she gets it, she'll be dead in two days, I think. But you can keep a reasonable distance during such a shooting day. "