World Asthma Day

Asthma affects approximately 340 million people worldwide.

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A chronic disease, asthma affects approximately 340 million people.

It is characterized by recurrent attacks, where there is difficulty in breathing and wheezing.

While asthma can be controlled with medication, it is also possible to prevent attacks by identifying and avoiding what triggers them.


How to recognize an asthma attack?

Can you control your asthma on a daily basis?

  • Prof. Bruno Housset,

    president of the

    Fondation du Souffle

    and professor emeritus at the

    Faculty of Medicine of Créteil

    , in Val-de-Marne.

  • Dr Stéphane Adambounou

    , pulmonologist and specialist in sleep-related respiratory pathologies, at

    Lomé University Hospital

    in Togo 

On the eve of

World Asthma Day

, May 5, a campaign was launched to raise awareness of the dangers of poor disease control:

Test my asthma


People with asthma can check their disease control by taking

an online test


At the end of the program, we talk about the measles epidemic raging in the DRC with

Birgit Nikolay

, epidemiologist at


, satellite dedicated to epidemiology and research from

Médecins Sans Frontières



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