China News Service, Guiyang, May 4th, title:

(Look at China along the highway) Enjoy the beauty and freedom along the high-speed self-driving tour during the "May


" holiday

  Author Zhou Yanling

  In the morning, I have breakfast in front of China’s largest Miao Village-Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village; pass by Guizhou’s "Sky Bridge" tourist service area at noon, and check in the world’s largest concrete tower bridge; in the evening, have a refreshing and delicious sour soup Fish... During the "May 1st" holiday, Zhang Jun's family of three embarked on a self-driving trip from Hubei, all the way west to Guizhou.

  "Self-driving is our first choice for traveling this year, which is safer and more comfortable." Zhang Jun said, from Hangrui Expressway to Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, the road is endless green, and you can see the picturesque mountains and rivers of the motherland along the expressway.

  Data show that three days before the "May 1st" holiday, the Guizhou Expressway accumulated 4.423 million inbound traffic and 4.0917 million outbound traffic.

Since May 2nd, tourists from other provinces have arrived in Guizhou one after another. The parking lots of the main scenic spots in Guizhou are almost saturated. On May 3, 6 of Guizhou's 8 5A-level tourist attractions received more than 10,000 people.

The picture shows tourists visiting the Miao Village in Congjiang Basha.

Photo by Wu Dejun

  Zhang Jun’s family originally planned to drive to Huangguoshu Waterfall and Fanjing Mountain and other places, but after seeing that many scenic spots strictly implemented current restriction measures and issued current restriction announcements, they drove the car along the high-speed self-driving tour, enjoying the relaxation, Natural and ecological journey of body and mind.

  When he checked in to the Pingtang "Sky Bridge" tourist service area, Zhang Jun said that from a distance, the Pingtang Super Bridge looks like a flying rainbow across the river valley, majestic and majestic.

Not only that, in the "Sky Bridge" tourist area, Zhang Jun's family also tasted fresh loquats, April peaches and other fruits sold by surrounding villagers.

  Because children like astronomy knowledge, Zhang Jun's family traveled from the service area for more than an hour to the Pingtang Tianyan Science Popularization Base to visit the "Chinese Sky Eye", allowing the children to watch the "Chinese Sky Eye" up close and understand the story behind the "Great Power Heavy Equipment".

  "As soon as we arrived at the Tianyan Science Popularization Base, we came to the Nanrendong Advanced Deeds Hall, just to let the children see the story behind the'China Tianyan', the country's most important weapon." Zhang Jun said, hoping that the children can experience Mr. Nan Rendong That kind of perseverance and perseverance encourages children to constantly overcome difficulties as they grow up.

The picture shows the Pingtang Bridge.

Photo by Qu Honglun

  During the "May Day" holiday, Pingtang Astronomical Town opens the "Dark Night Stargazing Time" to astronomers, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of stargazing.

In the Plaza of the Eye of the Universe, a group of children gathered around the astronomical telescope, earnestly looking for the stars and moon in the sky. When doubts arise, the stargazing experiencer will answer them one by one.

  Seeing Miao Village, watching the "Chinese Sky Eye", tasting food... Zhang Jun, who was about to return, exclaimed: The rapid development of China's highways has changed tourism and lifestyle.

  The reporter learned that since China's tourism industry resumed work and production, self-driving tours with the characteristics of "privacy, independence, and flexibility" have been the first to resume.

At the same time, with the gradual rise of new games such as camping, stargazing, and outdoor sports, many tourists are more inclined to choose self-driving, car rental and other ways to travel.

  "For me, the biggest advantage of self-driving travel is that you can adjust your itinerary at any time, leave as you want, stay as long as you want." Li Lili, a tourist from Hunan, said in an interview with reporters that in the post-epidemic era, I don’t like going to popular scenic spots. It is driving along the highway or national highway to a small mountain village "close to the mountains and the water" to feel the freshness of nature.