• Antonio Guirao "70% of immunity is for the original virus. With more contagious variants, it would go to 80%, 90% or 100%"

  • Indian variant Should we fear the Indian variant of Covid in Spain?

  • Covid-19 Spain reaches 5 million vaccinated with the complete guideline

More than 5 million Spaniards who are already


against the


with the complete guideline, a sign of hope on the way to end the



The light at the end of the tunnel confirms that this Monday the number of




has dropped below the 100 barrier and stands at 77 this weekend, according to Health data, which also shows a decrease 5.45 points in

cumulative incidence


The data of the coronavirus in Spain

* Source: Ministry of Health

Total figures: 3,540,430 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

there have been 78,293 deaths with a positive test as of May 3

  • 553,953 in


    (9,634 dead)

  • 119,153 in


    (3,444 dead)

  • 50,925 in


    (1,945 dead)

  • 59,427 in the

    Balearic Islands

    (822 dead)

  • 53,026 in the

    Canary Islands

    (732 dead)

  • 29,059 in


    (557 dead)

  • 186,199 in

    Castilla-La Mancha

    (5,861 dead)

  • 223,750 in

    Castilla y León

    (6,759 dead)

  • 588,394 in


    (14,152 dead)

  • 5,764 in


    (106 dead)

  • 390,994 in the

    Valencian Community

    (7,313 dead)

  • 74,181 in


    (1,791 dead)

  • 122,477 in


    (2,377 dead)

  • 685,903 in


    (15,015 dead)

  • 8,735 in


    (89 dead)

  • 110,919 in


    (1,587 dead)

  • 60,249 in


    (1,163 dead)

  • 187,530 in the

    Basque Country

    (4,186 dead)

  • 29,792 in

    La Rioja

    (760 dead)

07.01 India exceeds 20 million infected by coronavirus

India has exceeded 20 million infected with the


, according to official data, which shows that the


continues to wreak havoc on the country's hospitals.

In the last 24 hours, the country added 357,229 new cases, bringing the total number of infected to 20.3 million, and

3,449 deaths

, bringing the total balance to 222,408, according to the Ministry of Health.

However, many experts suspect that the true number is much higher.

07.00 Health begins the procedures to allow the sale without a prescription of coronavirus self-diagnosis tests in pharmacies

The Ministry of Health has initiated the processing of a Royal Decree-Law to allow the sale of

self-diagnostic tests

, that is, of antigens or antibodies, against


in pharmacies without the need for a prescription.

Since February, the

Community of Madrid

has been carrying out antigen tests in pharmacies and dental clinics, although always with a medical prescription.

Specifically, the Madrid Health Service sends an SMS to all those asymptomatic citizens who reside in areas with high incidence to be able to perform this test for free.

The Executive of

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

requested the Ministry of Health to authorize pharmacies to carry out antigen tests to increase diagnostic capacity, and with the idea of ​​including pharmacies in the strategy of early detection by means of antigen tests in population screening.

The Ministry, finally, only authorized the second option, that is, testing in areas with high transmission where screening is done.

Meanwhile, other European countries, such as





, the




, already sell these tests without the need for a prescription.

06.59 Deaths from coronavirus increase in Madrid and hospital pressure


Community of Madrid

has registered this Monday an increase in deaths from


in hospitals, going from 13 on Sunday to 16 this Monday, and hospital pressure has also increased slightly with a total of 2,097 people admitted to the plant (compared to 2,066 the day before), but new infections have decreased (from 748 to 716).

Of the 716 new positives notified, 295 correspond to the last twenty-four hours, according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, which puts the total number of infections in the

Community of Madrid

during the pandemic at 697,584.

The daily death toll has had constant ups and downs in recent weeks, ranging from a minimum of nine daily deaths recorded in two days (April 5 and 9) to a maximum of 31 deaths on April 13, without the trend consolidate.

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