Ticket reservations for four consecutive days are sold out. Tourists fight to "grab" the remaining tickets

  Prince Gong's mansion is hard to get a scalper to raise the price to 150 yuan

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Lin Yan) "Prince Gong's Mansion has tickets, there are tickets", "The last seven, one 150"... Yesterday was the third day of the May 1st Holiday, and four consecutive days of ticket reservations at Gong's Mansion were sold out. When it was hard to get a ticket, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw at the scene that several "scalpers" were scalping at the gate. The original 40 yuan ticket was carried to 150 yuan.

Visitors only need to follow the scalpers to the nearby "Jufuyuan Visitor Center", hand over their ID card, and the other party will be able to "get" the e-ticket within a few minutes. Tourists can enter the park with their ID card.

  Yesterday at 1:30 pm, a reporter from the Beiqing Daily came to the popular attraction Prince Gong’s Mansion. Just after getting off the Beihaibei subway station, he saw a large standing sign saying “Tickets for Prince Gong’s Mansion are sold online. Please choose the surrounding scenic spots to visit".

At the gate of Prince Gong's Mansion, there are also several signs that say "Tickets are sold out".

Since the tickets have already been booked, the ticket office window of Prince Gong's Mansion has been closed, and the electronic screen of the window also flashed "Today's tickets are sold out".

Nevertheless, at the bottom of the ticket office steps, many tourists still use their mobile phones to refresh the "Prince Gong's Mansion" ticket sales applet to check if there are any remaining tickets. Volunteers and security guards nearby even start to assist everyone in ticket sales.

  "You can't stop, you have to keep swiping it. It's best to copy the ID number first. The name can simply lose two characters." Under the guidance of a young volunteer wearing a red armband, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily One of the ten remaining tickets just flowed out was grabbed.

According to the volunteer, there are not a few tourists who grab the remaining tickets through the small program on the spot. She has helped many people to purchase tickets successfully. “Some people will refund the tickets in the afternoon, especially after three o’clock, it’s up to everyone’s speed. As soon as there are more votes, you have to grab them immediately."

In order to help impatient tourists "grab" tickets, even the security guard of Prince Gong's Mansion joined the team to assist in ticket sales.

With the help of a security guard, a female tourist also helped her companions successfully grab four tickets...

  Different from the situation of "grabbing" tickets at the door, a few scalpers shouting "tickets" outside the door attracted the attention of some tourists.

"How do you sell the tickets?" "150, how many are you?" "Five people, 100 per one?" "Okay, follow me." A young woman wearing a sun hat led a tour from Hebei A family of five, turned left from the gate of Prince Gong’s Mansion and arrived at the "Jufuyuan Visitor Center" without walking 100 meters. The door sign marked "Old Beijing Hutong Series Tour Ticket Office".

The clerk asked the family to take a short break in the store after handing in their ID cards, and promised that the tickets would be issued within four minutes. After confirming the tickets, they only need to swipe their ID cards to enter the park.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw at the scene that the tickets had been "finished" in less than two minutes, and a family of five returned to Prince Gong's Mansion and successfully entered the park by swiping their ID cards.

Several scalpers returned to the gate of the park to solicit visitors.

  "Where did you get this ticket? Why are there no tickets in the park? Do you have one?" When a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily asked a clerk at the Jufuyuan Visitor Center, the clerk responded, "Just leave it alone, we This ticket will definitely be able to enter.” Before leaving Prince Gong’s Mansion, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily updated the official ticket sales program twice, and it was still sold out.

  When all real-name reservations are sold out, where do the scalpers' leftover tickets come from?

Why can the e-ticket be operated on the spot?

In response to these questions, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily called Prince Gong’s Mansion. The connection staff was a little surprised at the situation reported by the reporter: "There is still this situation? Why would tourists buy such expensive tickets?" As for why the scalpers can succeed. After operating a real-name electronic ticket to enter the park, the staff member said, "It is not clear, we will report this situation to the top."