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Adam wants a milkshake

Adam Sandler commented on the TikTok video in which he is featured.

In the video, which went viral from the end of April, Sandler is rejected from a restaurant because the waitress did not recognize him.

The seventeen-year-old waitress, who afterwards was quite ashamed because she did not recognize Sandler, shared the camera images of the incident on the video app TikTok.

"To clarify, I left IHOP only because the nice lady said the 'all you can eat offer' doesn't apply to the milkshakes," the 54-year-old actor jokes on Twitter on Tuesday.

For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes.


Avatar Author Adam Sandler Moment of Places 03: 18-4 May 2021

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Knighted Claudia de Breij has a house full of flowers

In April Claudia de Breij received a royal decoration Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion for her contribution to Dutch culture and society.

The cabaret artist, musician and presenter received many bouquets from people who congratulated her on her ribbon.

"It makes me so dangly happy that I'm all the time taking out dead flowers, merging bunches and eventually even photographing them and putting them on Instagram," said 46-year-old De Breij.

"Ripe for a retirement home, but very happy like that."

yesterday at 6:35 PM

Laura Ponticorvo reveals the gender of her baby

Musical actress and YouTuber Laura Ponticorvo and her husband Ryan are expecting a daughter, she says in a video.

In April Ponticorvo announced that he was pregnant.

Laura Ponticorvo reveals the gender of her baby

yesterday at 5:59 PM

Angela Groothuizen links rubbish to the end of the curfew

"The end of the curfew has been celebrated here on the canal", singer and presenter Angela Groothuizen suspected when she saw how many liquor bottles were next to the bottle bank.

yesterday at 3:50 PM

Freek jokes: 'Have my beard shaved'

"How many weeks do you sleep on the couch if your girlfriend has warned you for ten years that you should not take your beard off?", Musician Freek Rikkerink jokingly wondered at a photo in which he without a beard.

He said he was afraid of the reaction of his girlfriend Suzan Stortelder, because he took out the razor anyway.

The two together form the musical duo Suzan & Freek.

Later it turned out to be an edited photo.

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yesterday at 2:13 PM

Jochem Myjer not afraid of cold on the terrace at the beach

Jochem Myjer thinks it is cold on the beach, but don't let that ruin his terrace experience at a beach bar.

"We have our skates with us in case the sea freezes, because it's like sitting on the North Pole," said the comedian.

"But no one will take this away from us again!"

yesterday at 13:22

Will Smith says he is out of shape

According to Will Smith, he is "in the worst shape" of his life.

The 52-year-old actor shares a photo to underline his opinion.

Smith does not comment on whether he suffers from 'coronakilos' or is preparing for an acting job.

yesterday at 11:46 am

Connie has car back

Connie Witteman's car, which was stolen on Sunday, has been recovered.

The car was traced using an app that could track the vehicle.

Witteman is again fully focused on her son Marvin, who has been hospitalized with COVID-19 and is "making great progress".

yesterday at 07:12

Concentrating on the beautiful things

Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen enjoys the beautiful weather in Los Angeles and tries to focus on the positive things in life.

According to the presenter, it is important to leave no room for harboring grudges.

yesterday at 4:39 AM

Where's the car?

Connie Witteman keeps her followers informed about the theft of her small car.

On Instagram she called on her followers on Sunday afternoon to please look out for the trolley with orange trim and that is bearing fruit: someone tipped her off that it is near the Amstel Station in Amsterdam.

However, she has not yet found him.

Sunday at 6:06 PM

Billie Eilish breaks Instagram record again

Pop phenomenon Billie Eilish (19) is on the cover of British Vogue, breaking a record: the photo received no less than one million likes on Instagram within six minutes.

Never before has a photo on the platform received so many likes in such a short time.

The counter now stands at almost seven million.

"I love these photos and I loved this shoot. Do what you want, when you want," writes Eilish.

Eilish broke the same record in March with a photo of her new blonde haircut.

Sunday at 6:06 PM

Sunday at 12:07 PM

Soundos El Ahmadi shares a portrait of a rocking horse for daughter Soundos El Ahmadi

's six-year-old daughter wanted her mother to post a photo of herself on a rocking horse on Instagram.

The cabaret artist did not want to refuse.

She jokes that her credibility has now disappeared.

Sunday at 10:29 AM

Jennifer Hoffman plans birth announcement of her son 

The birth announcement of Cooper, the February-born son of Jennifer Hoffman and her boyfriend Dorian Geis, contains flower seeds.

The actress has now planted the ticket.

Sunday at 5:30 am

Princess Charlotte (6) receives congratulations from British royal family

Princess Charlotte will celebrate her sixth birthday on Sunday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter receives congratulations from the British royal family.

Saturday at 6:08 PM

Georgina Verbaan watches people on the terrace

"Photographed by my child on a terrace. Nice people watching, I missed those people", the actress writes with a photo with a glass of wine.

Saturday at 1:10 PM

Jessie Jazz Vuijk and Kaj Gorgels are enjoying Ibiza

Jessie Jazz Vuijk and friend Kaj Gorgels are on holiday together on Ibiza.

"I am so fond of this man", the model writes with a photo with the Expedition Robinson presenter.

Saturday at 8:55 AM

Nick Schilder has to cool down

Nick Schilder heard this morning that the first episode of

Nick, Simon & Kees: Take A Chance On Me

, a series in which the people of Volendam go in search of the story of ABBA, has attracted 1.4 million viewers.

The singer writes on Instagram that he had to cool down.

He did this with a dip in the IJsselmeer, which he calls his morning ritual.

Saturday at 8:55 AM

Friday at 5:20 PM

Lieke Martens longs for the Netherlands

Lieke Martens, who plays for FC Barcelona, ​​would like to return to the Netherlands in the future.

She currently has a relationship with Benjamin van Leer, who works at Sparta Rotterdam.

"I want to be close to family and friends," says the football player in

RTL Boulevard


Friday at 4:50 PM

Frans and Mariska Bauer in quarantine

Bad luck in the Bauer house: both Frans and Mariska are infected with the corona virus.

The couple, which can

be seen

with their new program

Destination Onbekend

since this week

, has been in quarantine for a week.

They have only minor complaints and have rescheduled their work for a number of weeks.

Friday at 11:51 AM

Hugh Jackman brags about home-baked sourdough bread

Like many, Hugh Jackman also started baking during the corona crisis.

He shares the progress of his learning process with his Instagram followers.

The actor (



Van Helsing

) was very satisfied with the result today: the crust of his bread had risen particularly nicely.

Jackman himself only eats bread once a week, he told Instagram.

He gives away the loaves he has left.

He recently made an appeal to tag New Yorkers with essential professions, which he would then deliver a loaf of bread by bike.

Friday at 9:26 AM

Unread Messages

T-Pain has discovered something painful: he has been ignoring other celebrities who would like to work with him for over two years.

The rapper had no idea that there is also a folder on Instagram with personal messages from people you do not follow.

Diplo, Viola Davis, Fergie: they have all never heard back from T-Pain.

Friday at 5:55 AM

There is a birthday

Pieter van Vollenhoven is celebrating his 82nd birthday today and that is celebrated on the Instagram account of the Royal Family.

Thursday at 6:52 PM

Nikkie shares album cover

Nikkie de Jager has many talents, but singing is not one of them according to the YouTuber.

Yet the make-up artist dreams of a hypothetical career as a singer.

"If I could sing, this would become my album cover", De Jager tweeted.  

in a world where I could sing, this would be my album cover 🍭🍬🌈🌸🦄✨


Avatar Author NikkieTutorialsMoment of places18: 38 - April 29, 2021

Thursday at 6:52 PM

Thursday at 3:27 PM

Bachelor flirtation with Bachelorette

Tony Junior is the 'Bachelor' in the upcoming season of the program of the same name, succeeding Gaby Blaaser, who was seen as 'Bachelorette' last year.

The DJ posts a photo on Instagram in which he poses with Blaaser at his leopard print car.

"Good couple?" He wonders.

Patty Brard, however, is mainly distracted by the car.

"I thought: what are those two doing on my car?" She writes underneath.

Thursday at 10:35 AM

Stijn Fransen protects baby with gigantic mask

Because Stijn Fransen is pregnant and still wants to work on her boat, the actress has to wear a large mask.

This protects the baby in her stomach against toxic fumes that can be in the lacquer and paint.

"Nothing comes through at all, and also protected from the sun," says Fransen on Instagram.

Thursday at 8:38 AM

From the old box

Karin Bloemen congratulates Gerard Joling on his 61st birthday.

"Congratulations dear darling. Fortunately we have hardly aged in all those years", writes the cabaret artist and singer with an old photo of her and Joling.

Thursday at 5:23 AM

Finally back in the studio

It took a while, but Shakira is finally back in the studio.

The singer writes on Instagram that this is the first session in times where she actually has to visit someone to be able to record.

Wednesday at 8:19 PM

Maxime Meiland cheers with Claire on terrace

Maxime Meiland decided to take it right now that the terraces in the Netherlands are open again.

She settled on a terrace in Noordwijk with her boyfriend Leroy and daughter Claire.

A photo that Leroy posted via Instagram Stories shows that Meiland is making a toast with her daughter.

Wednesday at 4:37 PM

Guus Meeuwis wants Christmas with the royal family

Guus Meeuwis met the royal family on King's Day yesterday at his performance as part of The Streamers.

The singer also hopes to spend other holidays with them.

He posts a photo on Instagram in which he can be seen with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

"And will you come to us for Christmas ?!", he jokes.

Wednesday at 4:37 PM

Wednesday at 11:01 AM

Angela Groothuizen misses lunch with Dolly Dots

Because Angela Groothuizen is in quarantine, she cannot be physically present during a lunch with her colleagues from the Dolly Dots.

However, Groothuizen has already found the solution and attends the meeting online.

"Via the zoom with my sisters @dollydotsofficial, because I'm in quarantine (I feel fine by the way). I just have to do it while they are eating and laughing and I'm sad behind the computer."

Wednesday at 7:06 AM

22 candles

Joy Beune's birthday and her boyfriend Kjeld Nuis celebrates it on Instagram.

"Queensday!", He writes with a photo of his "queen" Joy, who blows out 22 candles today.

The skater can appreciate it: she responds happily to his message.

Wednesday at 5:09 AM

Just a different color

Fans of Selena Gomez already knew: the singer is now blonde.

On Instagram, she shows her bleached locks to her followers and is praised for the big difference with her own color.

Tuesday at 6:22 PM

Olcay Gulsen: 'Glad things are going better, Ruud' 

Olcay Gulsen shares on Instagram that her boyfriend Ruud de Wild is doing better.

"Hey Ruud, how nice that things are getting better, isn't it? We walked 5 kilometers today. Another operation and you are as good as new", the presenter wrote.

Tuesday at 7:58 AM

Jeroen Pauw gets first corona prick Sixty-

year-old presenter Jeroen Pauw uses King's Day to get his first corona vaccination.

Tuesday, April 27 at 5:14 AM

Countess Eloise has no job responsibilities on King's Day

Countess Eloise answered during a question session on Instagram whether she has a role on King's Day on Tuesday.

"Nope!" Said the eighteen-year-old eldest daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien.

"I'm going to enjoy the weather."

Monday, April 26 at 13:54

Tanja Jess sports menopausal symptoms away in the sun

"Many women between the ages of 45 and 55 are incorrectly prescribed antidepressants while they simply suffer from menopause", Tanja Jess believes.

What the 54-year-old actress says in her own words helps with her own menopausal complaints, is moving and going outside.

On this sunny Monday afternoon, Jess kills two birds with one stone.

Monday, April 26 at 12:26 PM

Kalvijn says goodbye to deceased BNNAVARA producer On

Friday, Gerke Nauta, producer of non-fiction at BNNVARA, died suddenly at the age of 52.

"You dared to put a lot of faith in makers, at least that's how I experienced it", YouTuber and program maker Kalvijn responds to the death of the man he says he "didn't really know for long, not even really well".

"When things went badly, you said in Gronings' way less!" You called me back late at night when I really did not remember and you made me believe that I could do something well (which I could not be so good, but you understood how self-confidence works). "

Monday, April 26 at 8:59 AM

Three days in Italy

Nikkie Plessen is busy with a new project that she doesn't want to tell her followers too much about, but for which she flew to Italy with her team.

For the next three days she will be close to Lake Como.

Monday, April 26 at 07:17

All the old

Connie Witteman has been very worried about her dog Rocco, but she now shares on Instagram that he is completely the old again.

Her son Marvin, who was hospitalized a few weeks ago with the corona virus, still has a long way to go.

But as Witteman says: "We are further than where we were yesterday."

Monday, April 26 at 4:27 AM

With the whole family gone

The life of André Hazes has completely changed in just a few months: he now lives with the family of his new girlfriend Sarah van Soelen and he is already completely part of the club.

The family even goes on holiday, pandemic or not.

They do not have to keep a distance from each other, as appears on the holiday snapshots.

Sunday, April 25 at 5:02 PM

Donny Roelvink is proud of his brother Dave

Donny Roelvink is proud of his brother Dave, he shares on Instagram.

"I'm going to be an uncle. I can tell a lot now, but bro, I love you and I am proud of you. Starting today a new chapter starts."

Dave announced on Sunday that his girlfriend Jazzlyn is expecting their first child.

Sunday, April 25 at 13:18

Tim Hofman commemorates television maker Gerke Nauta

Tim Hofman commemorates his friend, mentor, colleague and "excellent television maker" Gerke Nauta, who suddenly passed away on Friday.

"It deeply holes in the lives of his family, friends, colleagues and our broadcaster, BNNVARA. This is also the case with me. Currently, I am, like many people around him, in a deep state of mourning," the presenter writes. Instagram.

Saturday, April 24 at 5:03 PM

Jack, the seven-year-old son of Thomas Berge, jumps just not far enough to bridge a ditch.

The singer has to laugh about it.

Son Thomas Berge falls into a ditch

Saturday, April 24 at 2:22 PM

At the request of his followers, Richard Groenendijk shares his recipe for making wild garlic pesto in a video.

For the end result, culinary enthusiasts have to go to Instagram: the comedian and presenter accidentally press the stop button on his camera just before the dish was ready.

Richard Groenendijk shares a recipe for wild garlic pesto

Saturday, April 24 at 11:19 AM

Ruud de Wild viert verjaardag met Olcay Gulsen
Olcay Gulsen heeft haar partner Ruud de Wild zaterdag op Instagram gefeliciteerd met zijn 52e verjaardag. De presentatrice deed dat met een foto waarop ze samen met de NPO Radio 2-dj in een fontein staat.

"Wat een mooie dag voor een nieuw begin", schrijft Gulsen bij de foto, waarmee ze lijkt te doelen op het feit dat De Wild vorige week kankervrij werd verklaard. De dj maakte vorige maand bekend dat hij darmkanker had en werd geopereerd. Vorige week kreeg hij het goede nieuws dat hij 'schoon' is.

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