China News Service, Shenzhen, May 4th, title: Transcending the Shenzhen River Greater Bay Area into a new employment option for Hong Kong youths

  Author Zhu Zuying Yang Chengchen

  Recently, young people from Hong Kong and Macau have attracted much attention in starting their businesses in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. They are shining in different industries.

In addition to entrepreneurship, cross-river employment is becoming a new option for Hong Kong youths. They are employed in various sectors of the Greater Bay Area, and they are on the high-speed train for the development of the Greater Bay Area.

  Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. ("Laihua" for short) is a leading creative platform for presentation and animation video creation in China.

Nearly 30% of the team that came to paint were young people from Hong Kong.

Laihua CEO Wei Bo said in an interview recently that according to the plan, more than 100 young people from Hong Kong and Macao will come to work in the future.

  Wei Bo said: "In addition to the well-known financial and service industries in Hong Kong, the design industry is also very developed. Many young Hong Kong people are willing to come to nine cities in the Greater Bay Area because the industrial space here is very large, not just Come to draw, many Internet technology companies can also provide a vast space for the growth of Hong Kong youth."

  Since January this year, Shenzhen Qianhai has released the "Qianhai Hong Kong and Macau Youth Recruitment Plan", which will release more than 100 jobs for Hong Kong and Macau youths on a monthly basis.

In addition to companies such as SF Express and, Laihua Technology also ranks among them.

The positions offered by these companies are also quite fashionable and diverse, including algorithm research and development engineers, big data platform development engineers, animation designers, and new media promotion specialists.

  At present, the "Qianhai Hong Kong and Macao Youth Recruitment Program" has released a total of 540 positions and received a total of 4,715 resumes. More than 20 young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have found jobs or internships through the program.

  Hong Kong youths working in painting include Liao Zhipeng, Liang Chuxin, and Cheng Jiahao.

Zheng Jiahao said that when they came to Shenzhen, they not only got more job opportunities, but also received a lot of care in life, including transportation subsidies provided by Qianhai and housing guarantee for talents.

  With the continuous economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Cheng Jiahao said that many Hong Kong friends around him want to develop in mainland cities and have also signed up for the "Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program" in Hong Kong.

  Statistics show that since the launch of the "Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program" in Hong Kong on January 8, as of April 7, 275 companies have provided more than 2,000 job vacancies; job seekers have submitted a total of 5,727 job applications on the program's special website. .

  Zhan Wentong, a Hong Kong "post-80s" young man, once worked in Hong Kong's science and technology education industry. Two years ago, he worked as an executive in an after-school tutoring education institution in Guangzhou.

  "In the past few years, I have felt the rapid development of inland cities and the continuous rapid development of the market. The number of people covered by technology and education products is also larger than that in Hong Kong. The Greater Bay Area now has various policy supports and subsidies. Some excellent science, technology and education products are launched in the Mainland, and the advantages of the two places can also be brought into play, and the effect is more obvious." Wentong Zhan mentioned that now there are many internship opportunities available in cities in the Greater Bay Area. , Work hard on your own business.

He said that here, there are platforms such as Guangzhou Tianhe Hong Kong and Macau Youth Home to provide assistance in life and work for Hong Kong and Macau youths.

  After graduating from high school in the UK, Hong Kong youth Dai Jianjin chose to study in Guangdong, and then Dai Jianjin and his team created the BEEPLUS (bee technology) joint office enterprise, which built and operated many Hong Kong and Macau youth entrepreneurship incubation bases.

  Dai Jianjin said that when he went to study in Guangdong, he found that the inland, especially the neighboring areas such as Shenzhen, are very open and tolerant. Everyone has dreams. Many young people are willing to come here to work hard.

He encouraged more people of his age to have the opportunity to cross the Shenzhen River to take a look. I believe there will be different inspirations.