[Concurrent] Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth Xie Haifa

  The tea restaurant ice room culture is unique to Hong Kong, the consumption cannot be too high, but the working hours are longer, the meal time is relatively short, breakfast, lunch, dinner, three meals and supper can be settled because of its (ice room) food The variety is relatively rich, and its business hours are relatively long.

  [Commentary] The young man in the picture is called Xie Haifa, a Hong Kong "post-80s".

The Jin Kee Ice Room that he runs has been around for more than half a century and currently has more than a dozen chain stores in Hong Kong.

Jin Kee Ice Room started in Shau Kei Wan in 1967, attracting many grassroots diners with the fast, affordable and delicious food. It was once a smash hit in Hong Kong.

In 2012, Jinji Ice Room was facing closure due to the old age of the operator. After learning about it, Xie Haifa and his companions figured out how to sell the small shop and reopened in 2013.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth Xie Haifa

  Why did you choose Jin Kee Ice Room?

First, because I grew up in a background with a strong Hong Kong sentiment, that is, Temple Street, because my parents do hawker stalls there, and the most frequent meals we encounter are actually tea restaurants and ice rooms.

Because at night we usually open the stall at four in the afternoon and close at one o’clock in the evening, during this time you actually have no choice but to the tea restaurant.

  [Commentary] Born in a hawker family in Temple Street, Hong Kong, Xie Haifa's childhood is inseparable from the ice house.

Because parents have to look after the shop, the family’s dining time is very limited, and they often go to the nearby ice room to pack good and cheap food back to the shop to eat.

Only on festivals and birthdays can I order a chopstick meal in the ice room. That is the happiest day in Xie Haifa's memory.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth Xie Haifa

  Basically, we eat ice room 365 days a year, including sardine beef noodles, sandwiches, dry fried beef and so on, but the most anticipated is Christmas and birthday every year, because of Christmas and birthdays, mom and dad give us Order a rich chopstick meal to eat.

There are chicken, steak, pork chops, a big swarovski sausage, and black pepper sauce. I remember that at that time, we were most looking forward to eating a chop steak every year.

It was more expensive for a very basic-level hawker family at that time.

  [Explanation] Looking back on his eight-year entrepreneurial career, Xie Haifa said that although he encountered various difficulties in the process, it seems that the explorations and bumps in the early days of entrepreneurship are still the most memorable, and they are also the biggest motivation to move forward.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth Xie Haifa

  I went online and started looking for some supplier information. After searching, I called one of the frozen meat suppliers, and I asked, hello, if I want to order pork steak and steak with you, when should I place an order?

The reply from the other party is, when do you want it and where is your shop?

I told him that I have not rented a shop yet.

I still remember that the other party said, are you doing things?

What does this example tell you? In fact, in the process of starting a business, you learn many things from scratch. There are many things that stumble and fall on the journey of starting a business, and you have to explore it on your own.

  [Explanation] Nowadays, in addition to starting his own business, Xie Haifa also serves as the chairman of the Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs General Chamber of Commerce, helping young people aged 18 to 45 in Hong Kong start their own businesses.

A few days ago, his chamber of commerce has just received nearly 10 million Hong Kong dollars in the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Funding Scheme” provided by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau and the Youth Affairs Development Committee.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth Xie Haifa

  In fact, we are supporting some young people in Hong Kong with this 10 million venture capital and encouraging them to develop their careers in the Greater Bay Area.

Therefore, it is mentioned in the "14th Five-Year Plan" that Hong Kong, especially young people, and the method of encouraging them to go to the Greater Bay Area to integrate into entrepreneurship are very happy for our members and ourselves.

In fact, if we want to develop in mainland China, it is of course indispensable to cooperate with the national policy, because the national policy is like a ride. In fact, we young people can get twice the result with half the effort if we only take this ride and follow it.

  Reporter Fan Siyi reports from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]