, Haikou, May 4 (Wang Xiaofei and Wang Ziqian) During the "May Day" holiday, Hainan outlying island duty-free shops ushered in a peak of passenger flow. Many consumers walked through the duty-free shop counters to start the holiday "buy, buy, buy" mode.

  Haikou Customs announced on the 4th that from May 1 to May 3, Haikou Customs supervised a total of 485 million yuan in duty-free shopping on outlying islands, with 65,400 shoppers and 729,000 items, an increase of 215.24%, 140.23% and 222.79% year-on-year respectively. .

  During the holidays, major duty-free shops in Hainan launched a series of promotional activities, attracting tourists to check in and shop.

Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City is crowded during holidays. Photo courtesy of Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City

  The reporter saw in Haikou Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City that many consumers are busy selecting outlying island duty-free products in sales areas such as fragrance, glasses, alcohol, and electronic products.

Tourist Ms. Ren said that it is mainly for friends to bring, buy skin care products, and also look at some shoes, bags and clothing products, because it is very cost-effective.

  "During the'May Day' holiday, a special eight-fold gift event was launched, with as little as 50% off digestive products, as low as 30% off alcoholic beverages, and up to 40% off glasses." Sales Manager of Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City Zhang Rui said that the number of consumers during the May 1st holiday has doubled compared to before the holiday.

  While "buying, buying, and buying", some tourists also said that although there are discounts, they should still spend rationally based on actual needs.

"Although the discounts are quite large, everyone still has to spend rationally. Don't feel cheap, just buy everything." said Ding Chunxin, a tourist from Guangzhou.