[Explanation] Since the May Fourth Movement, generations of young people have bravely stood at the forefront of the times.

Today, a hundred years later, the "back waves" are also active in all fields.

In the eyes of young people in the new era, what are their keywords for youth?

Follow the camera to the Tsinghua Park.

  【Subtitle】More dedication: Hope to realize value

  [Live Voice] Explain the scene

  It has a "action speaks louder than words" on its front.

The auditorium is actually one of our four major buildings. It is an early building. Everyone likes to take pictures here.

  [Concurrent] Li Yan, an undergraduate from the Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University

  I am Li Yan, from the Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, and I am now a volunteer for campus presentations.

I started volunteering when I entered Tsinghua University in my freshman year, and also started with the presentation on the National Day campus at the time.

There should have been 17 or 8 volunteer activities so far, and now there should be more than 180 volunteer hours (hours).

  On the one hand, it is because of interest, on the other hand, I also feel that this activity is indeed very meaningful.

This year (2021) is our 110th anniversary of the establishment of Tsinghua University.

For such a large-scale event, I feel fortunate enough to participate and to be able to make some of my own efforts. I feel very lucky.

  Tsinghua’s volunteer atmosphere has always been relatively good, ranging from volunteer explanations, to participation in education support, participation in anti-epidemic activities, and our upcoming Winter Olympics. These activities are all Tsinghua volunteers.

  If there is one word to describe the young people of our generation, I think it should be "dedication" or "vitality."

Now we can devote ourselves to some voluntary services in school. After graduation, we can devote ourselves to some positions needed by the country and the nation.

  [Subtitle] Harder: Dare to challenge yourself

  [Live Sound] Games scene

  Now the height is 1 meter 28, the first test jump, jump number one.



  [Concurrent] Wu Rui, undergraduate student of Qian Xuesen Mechanics Class, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tsinghua University

  My name is Wu Rui, and I come from Class 18 of the Qian Xuesen Mechanics Class of Tsinghua University.

I am not a sports student, but I think I like track and field.

Usually it is in the school's "Major John Cup" competition that will take the place, the top three or something, I am very happy.

  Fighting spirit, you can train with your classmates, you can see their spirit of not admitting defeat, feel that you are also inspired, and then really want to train hard.

Sensational movement can also hone our mind and will, enable ourselves to pursue higher, faster, and stronger, constantly challenge ourselves and break through ourselves.

  In fact, after running, you feel that you will have better energy to learn.

I feel that our generation of young people should also maintain a good exercise habit, and then cultivate such a hobby, strengthen their physique, and work for the health of the motherland for at least 50 years.

  【Subtitles】More innovative: willing to shoulder the mission

  [Concurrent] Tan Olei, PhD student, Department of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University

  If I were to choose a word that could represent our generation of Tsinghua students, I would choose innovation.

  I am Tan Olei, a first-year PhD graduate student in the Department of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University. My current research direction is mass spectrometry.

In fact, mass spectrometry has been proposed a long time ago, and then it has been developed for a long time.

If applied, it is mainly in the field of biomedicine, analytical chemistry and trade testing.

However, my country's mass spectrometry is actually at a stage where it started relatively late and achieved relatively few results.

The development of mass spectrometers is largely monopolized by foreign countries.

However, the research group I belong to is currently doing some work on miniaturization of mass spectrometry in China, and then it already has the first generation of products.

  【Live Sound】Introduction of laboratory equipment

  This instrument is a mass spectrometer developed by our group.

Compared with the current commercial mass spectrometer, it has the advantages of smaller footprint and lower power consumption.

So it is very convenient and can be applied to customs inspection, import and export trade and other fields.

  We can put the sample into the glass tube, and with the help of voltage, it can be sprayed from the glass tube to the inlet of the mass spectrometer for subsequent analysis.

  [Concurrent] Tan Olei, PhD student, Department of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University

  In fact, I should have been interested in mass spectrometry since my sophomore year.

In the process of scientific research, the most difficult thing is to put forward your own ideas, that is, you must first open your own thinking, and then read more literature related to the research direction.

  I think through my efforts, the mass spectrometers developed by China can be better used in people's lives, and then the mass spectrometer market can be opened up.

  Our Chinese nation should do its own thing, which is a process of self-reliance. It requires our young people to make their own efforts. This is also the responsibility and responsibility of our generation of young scientific research workers.

  [Subtitle] Struggle is the right time for youth to build dreams

  Cheng Yulang Jiahui reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]