Pictures ... bees attack and kill a man in Texas!


A swarm of bees attacked a man and killed him in his home in Texas, USA, while mowing the lawn in the backyard, as his exposure resulted in his heart attack, 

A 70-year-old man was killed, as a result of a heart attack after a swarm of bees attacked him, as reported by the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The newspaper added that Thomas Hicks was severely stung when he was cutting his garden at his home near Hubbard Creek Lake in Stephens County, Texas, USA.

The bee stings caused Hicks to go into cardiac arrest, which resulted in his death, while his wife, Zoni, suffered several bites, requiring her to be taken to hospital after firefighters placed their equipment on her to protect her from bee stings.

The firefighters ’initial report estimated that the number of bees exceeded about 60,000 bees.