The police are scheduled to initiate an investigation into Park Na-rae, who is caught in controversy over sexual harassment.

On the 30th, Seoul's Gangbuk Police Station announced that it had received an accusation related to Park Na-rae's sexual harassment controversy and entered an investigation.

The related video has been deleted from YouTube, but I will check whether Narae Park's actions are a sin, and if so, what kind of sin it is.

On the 30th, the agency JDB Entertainment said, "We are aware of the fact that Narae Park is being investigated by the police and will faithfully respond to the request of the police."

He then expressed his apology for this controversy, saying, "I apologize for causing concern once again."

Meanwhile, Park Na-rae was controversial over sexual harassment through sexual jokes and jokes on the YouTube channel'Hana-rae' in March.

Since then,'Hanarae' was abolished, and Park Narae also apologized directly through an official position.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)