Recently, a policeman from Nanshan Brigade, Traffic Patrol Detachment, Nan'an District, Chongqing, was on duty when he found a man riding an unlicensed motorcycle and stopped him. However, the man could neither show his driver’s license nor identify himself. Information, the police took him back to the brigade for further investigation.

In the brigade's office, the man also said that he needed to call his family to send his ID to the brigade, and then took advantage of the opportunity to call and escaped.

  Assistant police Chen Desong was the first to chase after he discovered it, and Deputy Captain Tang Yi immediately got up and chased after him.

In the end, Tang Yi and others captured the man about 200 meters from the gate of the brigade.

  "I'm practicing long-distance running, I let you 50 meters, you can't beat me." Tang Yi said after the man was overpowered.

  After investigation, the man’s surname is Zhou, 26 years old, a native of Sichuan, and his driver’s license is registered as C1. For the convenience of travel, he bought this second-hand motorcycle from a colleague at an amount of 900 yuan in March this year. I thought it was for the convenience of commuting, so I didn't register with the vehicle management department in time.

  "I thought I was going to face severe punishment at the time, and I thought that if I didn't want the car, I wouldn't be investigated if I ran away." Zhou recalled the idea of ​​"being smart" and regretted it.

  Currently, Zhou faces a fine of 700 yuan and 24 points for his driver's license for two violations of suspected driving inconsistency and failing to display the motor vehicle license plate as required.

(Jia Nan's video comes from Chongqing Nan'an District Police)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]