Broadcaster Hari-su revealed the experience of receiving a dash from male celebrities.

JTBC's'Life Talk Show Turning Point', which aired on the 30th, appeared in Korea's No. 1 transgender broadcaster, Ha Risu.

In the broadcast that day, MC Lee Ji-yeon asked Hari-su, "Do you have any experience of receiving a dash from male entertainers?" In response, Hari-su trembled, saying, "Do you talk before your debut? Or since your debut?"

When MC Jung Ga-eun asked "20 people?", Harisu expressed confidence, saying, "Gaeun, it's my sister. I'm Harisu."

When asked "100?", Hari-su said, "It's not as many as 100, it's very similar. There were singers, actors, comedians, and even sports stars. One of the singers told me that she wanted to date me on the premise of getting married, so I'hate it.' I said.

When asked, "What do you say and come to me?", Harisu explained the method of refusal by saying, "Where he has to go, he asks to go with him. Then I said,'Why are you going there?'"

[Photo = JTBC'Life Talk Show Turning Point' broadcast capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)