From today (4th) to tomorrow morning, there will be quite a lot of rain across the country.

In particular, because the wind is expected to blow very strongly, we would have paid special attention to safety as well as facility management.

The rain will start in the metropolitan area this morning and expand across the country in the afternoon.

In Jeju, where the preliminary heavy rain warning was issued, heavy rain of more than 150 mm in many places and more than 250 mm in many areas of the Jeju mountains will be poured.

In particular, you should be careful not to damage the people in Jeju this rain.

In rainy areas, the visibility is short, so you need to pay attention to traffic safety, and the air quality will be clean nationwide.

Morning temperatures are expected to depart from 12 degrees Celsius in Seoul and 13 degrees Celsius in Cheongju, and 19 degrees Celsius in Seoul and Chuncheon, 23 degrees in Daegu, and 21 degrees in Busan.

It will be generally sunny on Children's Day, but the wind will blow a little harder.

(Soyoung Jeon Weather Caster)