[Explanation] 17,000 mu of processed tomatoes in Manas County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang have entered the stage of transplanting. All processed tomatoes have been mechanized and transplanted, which greatly reduces planting costs, improves work efficiency by 5 to 6 times, and increases production by more than 20%. Realized cost-saving and increased efficiency, and farmers' income increased.

On April 27, in the 1,000-acre tomato field in Wangjiazhuang Village, Lanzhouwan Town, Manas County, 7 tomato transplanters were transplanting tomato seedlings in an orderly manner, showing a busy scene everywhere.

The tomato transplanter can complete operations such as hole drilling, seedling planting, seedling support, soil covering and compaction at one time, and the average daily working area can reach more than 40 acres.

  [Concurrent period] Huazhijiang, a processing tomato grower, Wangjiazhuang Village, Lanzhouwan Town, Manas County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  This year I planted 450 acres of processed tomatoes, which are transplanted fully mechanized. Compared with the previous ones, the efficiency of planting is very different. Now it is Beidou navigation filming. After that, the mechanized transplanting is done. The planting speed is also very fast, the survival rate is also high, the yield per mu is about 8 to 10 tons, so the income is increased.

  [Explanation] In 2021, Hua Zhijiang, a processing tomato grower in Wangjiazhuang Village, signed a 450 acres of high-quality processed tomato planting contract with the company, realizing order agriculture.

  [Concurrent period] Huazhijiang, a processing tomato grower, Wangjiazhuang Village, Lanzhouwan Town, Manas County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  Our current order for planting and processing tomatoes is for us, transplanting, field management, and sales. In the later stage, it is said that we will not worry about selling, and ours will be assured.

  [Text] Agricultural mechanization is an important part of modern agriculture, in order to accelerate the modernization and mechanization of tomato production.

This year, Manas County guided COFCO Tunhe Manas Tomato Products Branch to invest more than 300,000 yuan to update some old-fashioned tomato transplanting machines, forming an industrial structure of enterprise investment, farmers benefiting, and agribusiness win-win.

  [Concurrent] Xing Yulong, technician of COFCO Tunhe Manasi Tomato Products Branch

  This year, our company signed a tomato planting contract with more than 170 farmers in four towns in Manas County for more than 17,000 mu. In order to catch the farming season, we deployed more than 60 transplanting machines, and there were more than a dozen technicians in the field. Technical services are provided in the field. Tomatoes will be transplanted in time according to the early, middle and late stages. We expect that all the transplants will be completed on May 15th.

  [Explanation] Manas County borders the Tianshan Mountains in the south and the Gurbantonggut Desert in the north. Two rivers, the Tasi River and the Manas River, flow here. There is plenty of sunlight and sand suitable for tomato growth, which is very suitable for planting. High-quality processed tomatoes, tomato red pigment, organic matter and other components have reached the highest value, is a high-quality tomato products recognized in the international market.

  Varisjiang·Umar Jiang Rongrui reports from Changji, Xinjiang

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