China News Agency, Beijing, April 29 (Reporter Gao Kai) According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of 8 a.m. on April 29, the pre-sale box office of the 51st stall of the theater here has reached nearly 115 million yuan (RMB, the same below). And this time, the "most crowded" 51st file, which has assembled 13 films, is about to kick off.

  According to public information, as of now, 13 movies have been fixed during May 1st this year, of which 5 will be released on April 30, namely "Your Wedding", "On the Cliff", "Rushing to the Sea", "When Love Comes", " "Ice and Snow 2"; 8 films will be released on May 1, which are "Secret Visitor" and "Sweeping Darkness".

"The Decisive Battle", "Dynasty Warriors", "Sunshine Robbers", "Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon", "Pig Man Movie·Dinosaur Diary", "Searching for Han" and "Dinosaur Speed"

  The "most crowded" 51-level film list indicates another round of theater hotspots.

And despite the large number of films and the variety of categories, it is not difficult to see that a group of films have obvious strengths and weaknesses in box office competitiveness.

  For the audience, the romance film "Your Wedding" and Zhang Yimou's suspenseful new work "Above the Cliff" are currently the most attractive.

  The pre-sale results also prove this point from specific data.

At present, the pre-sale of "Your Wedding" is approaching 50 million yuan, occupying the first place, and "Above the Cliff" is second with 28.27 million yuan.

Ranked third is the suspense film "Secret Visitor", with a pre-sale score of 11.58 million yuan.

  From the perspective of the box office appeal of the main creator, "Above the Cliff", currently ranked second, is undoubtedly the heaviest in this five-piece list.

Zhang Yimou challenged the spy war for the first time, gathering powerful actors such as Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei, Qin Hailu, and Zhu Yawen.

The film has been well received by professional film critics and audiences after the advance screening has been opened before, and it has received a high score of 9.2 on Maoyan.

Many people in the industry are looking forward to "Above the Cliff" becoming an "explosive model".

  Under this situation, it was surprising how much it was announced that "Your Wedding", which was filed on May 20th, "comes from behind".

  "Your Wedding" is directed by Han Tian and starring Xu Guanghan and Zhang Ruonan. This pure love movie tells the 15-year love story between Zhou Xiaoqi and transfer student You Yongci from school uniform to wedding dress.

Love has always been the most popular content in the world of light and shadow. In recent years, romance films here have been slightly weaker in the box office competition. This time, "Your Wedding" is currently ranked first regardless of pre-sales or "want to watch index". In this 51st file, the tastes of the audience may once again show decisive power.

  In addition to the two most eye-catching films, the more than a dozen works in the film list cover almost all types of suspense, comedy, animation, game adaptation, action, etc. For the audience, the options even exceed the continuous box office record. Chinese New Year stalls.

  Since the epidemic, domestic films have gradually become the main force of the box office of theaters here, and the producer’s dependence on holiday movie schedules has become increasingly obvious, resulting in a serious phenomenon of "getting together".

The industry believes that on the one hand, it shows the film producers’ confidence in the schedule market. On the other hand, the long-term continuation of this trend may cause some imbalance in the cultivation of the entire film market.

  In any case, the "most crowded" 51st gear is about to start, and another round of movie watching is about to come, and the final outcome of this round of competition is still in the hands of the audience.