Since the Golden Week holidays started on the 29th and emergency declarations have been issued in some areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, it seems that the Shinkansen and empty flights will not be as crowded as usual.

JR companies

According to JR companies, during the Golden Week holidays until the 5th of next month, the reservation status of reserved seats on the Shinkansen and conventional lines nationwide as of the 15th of this month was last year when an emergency declaration was issued nationwide. It has more than doubled compared to the same period, but it has decreased significantly to one-fifth compared to the same period before the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

As of the 23rd of this month, the number of reservations for empty flights has increased more than four times last year, but it has decreased significantly compared to the adult.


On the highway, the holiday discount applied to ordinary cars nationwide will be suspended from the 29th of this month to the 9th of next month.

As of 6am, there is no noticeable congestion.

Public transportation is unlikely to be as crowded as usual during the Golden Week holidays, as the national and local governments are calling for refraining from moving in order to curb the flow of people.

Railroad and aviation companies are urging users to take thorough infection prevention measures, such as wearing masks and lining up at a sufficient distance when crowded.