Dubai is a global tourist destination adorned with its Ramadan atmosphere

Dubai is considered one of the distinctive international destinations that is able to offer a variety of experiences to its visitors throughout the year, due to its tremendous tourism potential and various options that meet different tastes and requirements.

Each season has its own character, which makes it the preferred city to visit, reside and live in, in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, "may God protect him" to make Dubai the best city for life in the world.

And the return to normal life in Dubai came thanks to the directives of the wise leadership and the effective management of the "Covid-19" pandemic over the past months, and the guidelines developed by the competent authorities and constantly updated in line with the developments of the prevailing pandemic situation, including the launch of the "Dubai Guarantee" stamp, which is being carried out. Giving it to tourist facilities, shopping malls, major attractions and entertainment destinations, as an affirmation of their compliance and commitment to apply all safety and preventive measures, as they are re-evaluated and issued again every two weeks, as well as obtaining the seal of "safe travel" from the World Council for Travel and Tourism.

The launch of the "National Immunization Program" at the state level and the daily checks for the "Corona" virus have contributed to placing the UAE in the ranks of the five best countries in the world within the vaccination program.

All these measures contributed to making Dubai one of the first global cities that reopened its economy and activities and strengthened its position as one of the safest cities in the world and the preferred destination to visit.

During the blessed month of Ramadan, the city of Dubai is adorned with lights and decorations inspired by the spirit of this holy month, and charitable deeds abound, and many activities are held, especially during the evening period, where the city pulses with life while adhering to preventive measures, which provides an opportunity for visitors to get to know Dubai and the nature of its people who are distinguished by generosity, generosity and their adherence. With authentic customs and traditions, the month of Ramadan provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the true essence of Arab hospitality.

As a global tourist city, Dubai understands the needs and requirements of its visitors, so many tourist attractions, major landmarks, entertainment destinations and restaurants provide distinct experiences that enable residents as well as international visitors to enjoy their time with a special Ramadan flavor.

Perhaps what increases the attractiveness of Dubai during the month of Ramadan - in addition to the Ramadan lighting, decorations and decorations that appear on the main streets and in the shopping centers and attractions - the special offers and promotional packages that can be obtained during this season, including hotel accommodation packages and the high-end services it provides For guests, in addition to various dishes and buffets that offer delicious cuisine, including exclusive specialties for this holy month.

Shopping centers host many distinctive and fun activities that attract all family members to spend the most beautiful and enjoyable times during the month of Ramadan, enabling them to enjoy a unique shopping experience throughout the month of Ramadan with the wonderful promotions, discounts and prizes offered by the shops that add real value to buying and acquiring supplies at prices Competition plus chances to win valuable prizes.

Entertainment destinations and major attractions are keen to present their special promotional offers during the holy month, allowing tourists and families within the country to enjoy enjoyable and fun experiences, especially since Dubai is full of many of these destinations, including Dubai Parks and Resorts and IMG-World. From adventures, water parks and many more.

And with more than 200 different nationalities and cultures who consider Dubai their home, the food scene in the city is very distinctive during the month of Ramadan, with chefs and restaurants competing to offer a variety of delicious and exclusive dishes, some of which are only available in this season, which allows space for the country's residents. Visitors who like to eat have the opportunity to visit several restaurants during their time in the city and find the perfect Iftar and Suhour meals.

The most important characteristic of the blessed month - and it is considered an occasion to closely identify the good habits, practices and qualities stemming from the land of good, such as generosity, family bonding, spirituality, restraint and giving - humanitarian practices and actions, for example, breakfast contributes to the gathering of families and friends to live beautiful moments while adhering to the special instructions.

The initiatives launched during the blessed month of Ramadan, which urge help for those who are unable, can be seen in companies and shopping centers that in turn launch charitable campaigns .. And the UAE's initiatives are continuing to relieve the needy families.

This year, the UAE is responding through the "100 million meals" campaign launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum before the beginning of the month of Ramadan to provide food support to many brotherly and friendly countries and to open the door for white-handsome individuals and institutions to participate in doing good and devote values Giving in the month of mercy.