[100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China] Why are there many typos in the earliest existing party oath?

  In the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum in Jiangxi, the earliest extant vow of membership of the Communist Party of China is displayed.

The content is: sacrifice the individual, strictly guard the secrets, class struggle, work hard to revolution, obey the party discipline, and never betray the party.

But a closer look reveals that there are several typos in just six sentences.

On April 27th, Huang Junfeng, director of the interpretation department of the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum, introduced that this was actually an oath from a peasant to join the party.

Although their educational level is not high, their revolutionary consciousness is very strong.

In the oath to join the party, the deponent He Yeduo also left his name and location. Such an approach was very dangerous in the war years, and once exposed, it would be fatal.

It can be seen from this that peasant party members have very firm revolutionary convictions.

  (Reporter Wang Shibo Jiang Tao)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]