□Jiang Jingjing

  The "compensatory homecoming" boom broke out during the Qingming holiday, and people who have not yet got rid of the holiday syndrome began to discuss plans for the "May 1st" holiday.

With the publication of the tourism transcripts during the Qingming Festival, tourism and hotel sectors have given people hope for recovery.

As the government continues to liberalize travel restrictions, encourage and promote the development of the tourism industry, the upcoming May Day holiday is expected to usher in "compensatory tourism", and the long-depressed tourism and hotel industry may usher in an inflection point.

(China News Service)

  The strong performance of various key indicators, from the number of trains and air ticket bookings to accommodation bookings, all indicate that the upcoming "May 1st" small holiday will usher in a concentrated explosion of travel, the hotel industry, and the tourism economy. It is expected to usher in another revenue window period.

If there is still controversy as to whether "retaliatory consumption" appears, then "compensatory tourism" is coming soon, at least it is generally accepted.

  The "compensatory return to home" during the Qingming Festival and the "compensatory tourism" during the "May 1st" holiday are certainly related to time factors, and it also shows that people's needs have levels and values.

After alleviating the pain of homesickness and making up for the "home reunion", self-release has become an inevitable choice for many people.

In fact, under the influence of factors such as epidemic prevention, many people have indeed not traveled for a long time, especially long-distance travel in different places.

The next "May Day" holiday is a rare opportunity.

  However, it should be noted that this year's "May 1st" small holiday is destined to be a huge test for relevant practitioners.

On the one hand, the overseas epidemic situation is still tight, which determines that "outbound travel" will be transformed into "domestic travel" during this holiday. This puts an unprecedented test on the carrying capacity, guarantee capacity, service capacity and order maintenance ability of the scenic spot; On the other hand, because the public’s willingness to travel and rigid consumer demand are unprecedentedly strong, this objectively leads to an imbalance in the game between buyers and sellers.

In the "seller's market", whether merchants can consciously and self-discipline, refrain from sitting on the ground and starting prices, not shoddy, not slaughtering customers, and whether they can provide good services with quality and quantity is also a test of human nature and business ethics .

  During the Ching Ming holiday, it was exposed that "Taishan Hotel was expensive and tourists crowded the toilet overnight." Although this is a spontaneous choice under the normal market, it is also a timely reminder.

In terms of ensuring orderly travel, decent travel, and comfortable travel, each scenic spot can still do more and better.