The group Brave Girls met again with the original fan'Seven Elders', who have been supporting them since the early days of their debut.

On MBC every1'Video Star', which aired yesterday (27th), Brave Girls appeared as a guest and told various stories by recalling'Rolin' reverse driving.

In particular, member Yoo Jeong recalled the time when he joined Brave Girls in 2016 as a new member of the Brave Girls, saying, "The 10 or so fans who have supported me since the beginning are called'the ten elders.' I remember the episode," and drew attention by releasing the episode.

Yoo Jeong-eun said, "It was my debut stage where I joined as a new member, and the fan who came in from among many fans was crying with a placard. We did a stage for that one," and said, "The Ten Elders" fans and unforgettable memories. At that moment, with an MC comment saying, "That's why we served it hard," four fans who were part of the'Seven Elders' appeared in the studio in surprise, and there was the fan mentioned by Yoo Jung.

Regarding the reason why the fan cheered for Brave Girls alone at the time, "That day was the first stage of my sisters' debut. It was my first time performing in front of many people. I wanted to give it to you."

Brave Girls then presented'high heels' and'Only drive' stages for the fans, and the fans responded with passionate support holding a whiteboard with a comment saying "Good job, we'll wait together".

So, netizens said, "Thank you very much for protecting the ten elders. Let's cheer together now." They are showing warm responses such as "I realized once".

(Photo = MBC every1'Video Star' broadcast screen capture, Brave Entertainment)

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