Princess Amalia has had her first driving lesson, she confirms on Tuesday during a virtual car race in Eindhoven.

There were rumors that the princess would be taking driving lessons.

The follow-up lessons have been canceled, according to the seventeen-year-old princess.

Princess Amalia does not explain the reason for the cancellation.

She also did not announce when the princess had her first driving lesson.

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Amalia and her sisters Alexia and Ariane virtually raced each other in a Formula 1 car during King's Day in Eindhoven.

Amalia was the first to cross the finish line.

The daughters of the royal couple made a tour of the Zandvoort circuit, which is owned by Prince Bernhard, under the leadership of former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos.

The installation in the simulators was already difficult due to the heels of the princesses, but once finished, Amalia flew off the starting blocks.

Together with Alexia she ensured a neck-and-neck race to the finish.

The three princesses spun several times, ended up in the grass and even in the wall, but were then able to continue their race.

After Amalia's victory, she made way for her father and King Willem-Alexander also went for a tour of the circuit.

That did not go as expected, he thought.

"It went badly", laughed Willem-Alexander when he 'got out'.

The virtual Formula 1 race was not the first of the princesses.

Previously, Ariane and Alexia participated in a hoovercraft race.