Many online education institutions have offline pre-school education courses

   Elite Education, etc. are still offering kindergarten language and mathematics courses

  A few days ago, many online education platforms, including Xueersi Online School, have launched corresponding courses in kindergartens and pre-kindergartens. Some platforms recommend potential customers of Chinese and mathematics courses to thinking training courses.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education issued relevant regulations requiring off-campus training institutions not to train pre-school children in violation of regulations.

However, the reporter's investigation found that there are still some institutions, including elite education, offering kindergarten language and mathematics courses.

  Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed a number of online education institutions.

Ape tutoring customer service said that in the past two months, it has received educational administration adjustments and removed all kindergarten courses. "We don't have matching textbooks for children of this age." The previous Chinese, math and other courses are currently not available.

The customer service suggests that children of the corresponding age group can choose the "Zebra" course.

  The customer service of Xueersi Online School stated that all preschool courses have been removed from the shelves. "In response to the call of the country, we will not offer corresponding courses for preschool children."

  The master’s one-on-one trial class can still choose the "kindergarten" stage courses, including language thinking training, math logic training, North American foreign teachers, learning ability training, etc.

However, in the introduction of its curriculum system, the subject curriculum starts from the first grade of elementary school.

  Elite Education's customer service said that the current kindergarten class courses are still being offered, including Chinese, mathematics and other content, and the courses also include online and offline courses.

  At the end of March this year, the Ministry of Education issued the "Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the Scientific Connection of Kindergartens and Primary Schools" to implement relevant national regulations, and off-campus training institutions shall not train preschool children in violation of regulations.

The guidance also clarified that out-of-school training institutions that accept pre-school children to conduct training in violation of the regulations will be severely investigated and blacklisted, and joint punishments will be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Respond to

  NetEase Youdao: remove early enrollment and sell courses below cost

  On April 27, NetEase Youdao responded to the criticism by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission by name and stated that it actively responded to the compliance requirements of the competent authority and removed courses that involved early enrollment, and removed courses that were sold at a significantly lower cost.

  NetEase Youdao Boutique Course stated that it actively responded to the compliance requirements of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other competent departments and carried out a series of compliance rectification work: strictly abide by relevant regulations and pre-sale policies, and remove courses involving early enrollment; more scientific and prudential standards The pricing strategy is to remove courses that are sold at a significantly lower cost; strictly follow the relevant norms and requirements, self-check and correct inappropriate propaganda language in the website and APP.

  NetEase Youdao said that it firmly believes that policy supervision will lead the industry to return to the education standard and move towards a standardized and healthy development; it will continue to improve, strengthen compliance operations, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities, and continue to provide good services to users.

  On April 23, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued the "Notice of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on the Recent Examination of Discipline Off-Campus Online Training Institutions Finding Problems". A group of subject-based off-campus online training institutions due to admission fees, advertising, and course teachers, etc. Named.

  Among them, NetEase Youdao's premium courses sell summer and autumn joint newspaper courses on the website and APP, which violate the regulations and charge for early admission; sell courses at a price significantly lower than the cost; mislead students to sign up and pay with improper language.

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