Rita Wilson clearly did not appreciate her collaboration with Scott Rudin.

The producer, who has been quiet since being accused of various abusive behavior towards his teams in a

Hollywood Reporter


earlier this month, did not spare the star when they worked together on the play

Fish in. the Dark

, in 2015.

Tom Hanks' wife said in an interview with the

New York Times

that when he learned she had breast cancer, instead of giving her her sick leave without flinching, “he complained that I was going. needing time off while voting for the Tony Awards (the Broadway Oscars) and asked to see my medical records ”.

He then asked the actress' surgeon to call her insurer.

“I felt like he was trying to find a way to legally fire me.

He's the kind of person who makes someone feel worthless, unvalued, and replaceable.

», Added the star.

Different memory

Entertainment Weekly took an interest in Rita Wilson's allegations and interviewed Scott Rudin spokesperson Rick Miramontez, who obviously defended the producer. “Mr. Rudin's recollection is that Ms. Wilson had wanted to open the play and then leave it, but he and the director didn't want her to delay her treatment. Mrs. Wilson stayed in the room - another actor played his part during her leave - and today she has no cancer, ”he simply said.

Nonetheless, since the

Hollywood Reporter’s

other revelations

, Scott Rudin has announced that he is stepping down from all of his film projects as well as current Broadway productions.

Considered one of the greatest contemporary producers of American theater, Scott Rudin has won no less than 17 Tony Awards with his plays, including masterpieces such as

The Book of Mormon




The Humans

, and 




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