A national natural monument, the Japanese serow, appeared in the city of Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, where houses and factories are located on the afternoon of the 26th, and then disappeared.

The city says, "If you see it, don't chase it and watch it or contact the police."

After noon on the 26th, residents of the Ikenouchi area of ​​Komaki City sent a phone call to the city saying, "I saw a creature like a goat or a deer."

When city officials and police officers called in, I found a national natural monument, the Japanese serow, in the parking lot of the factory.

The Japanese serow escaped from the Oyama River flowing through the city and nearby houses, and then ran away to the north and disappeared.

Yuichi Hasegawa of the Komaki City Agricultural Administration Division responded, "I'm glad that there was no damage to the residents. I would like you to watch over without chasing after seeing it, or contact the police."