While her divorce from Kanye West has yet to be finalized, Kim Kardashian is already being courted by legions of suitors.

In any case, this was revealed by a close source interviewed by Page Six, not hesitating to award the star the title of “the most coveted single billionaire”.

“People reach out to her through mutual friends and the people she's worked with seek to squeeze her in with everyone from royals to blue-chip actors to billionaire CEOs.

People are also trying to contact her by private message, ”assured the source.

No precipitation

However, this informant assures that Kim Kardashian is absolutely not trying to get back into a relationship for the moment.

"She is not trying to get into something directly, but she keeps an open mind," said the anonymous.

Our file on Kim Kardashian

Either way, the reality TV star and businesswoman takes advantage of her recent celibacy by rediscovering the joys of going out with friends while keeping the most important thing in mind - her family.


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