The actor and director Yves Rénier, who will remain notably famous for his role of commissioner Moulin, died on the night of Friday to Saturday at the age of 78 years. Saturday evening on Europe 1, the actor Philippe Torreton, who played in his film "The Hunt", greeted a man who "had a devouring passion to live and to do things".

From 1976 to 2008, he played the famous commissioner Moulin on television and will probably remain one of the favorite cops of the French for a long time.

Yves Rénier died in the night from Friday to Saturday at the age of 78 following a heart attack.

The actor and director, keen on various facts, had just seen his film 

La Traque 

broadcast a few weeks ago on TF1.

This film looks back on the arrest of serial killer Michel Fourniret, played on screen by Philippe Torreton.

The latter keeps the memory of a man full of life and projects.

"I think he had a consuming passion to live and do things all the time," he said on Europe 1 on Saturday.

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"He was crazy about scuba diving"

"He had I do not know how many more or less advanced projects in production", informs Philippe Torreton.

The actor also remembers a "pretty fascinating man, absolutely adorable".

"He loved to travel. He was crazy about scuba diving," he adds.

"Right after filming

La Traque

, he couldn't wait to go find a coral reef, I don't know where in the world to dive."

But what marked the entourage of the director, it is especially his quality of "specialist of the news". "He devoted his life to it as an actor and as a director, with curator Moulin in particular", observes Philippe Torreton. "He really knew it, he was a real specialist in justice, the police, procedures, current and past cases," he concludes.