What is the development trend of the physical health of the students in school?

How to solve the uneven distribution of physical education resources?

  Recently, a survey on the physical health of more than 1.15 million students at school showed that the “failure rate” of students’ physical health across the country has basically shown a downward trend, but data related to vision and obesity are on the rise.

  In addition, while some schools in economically developed areas are pursuing the diversification and refinement of physical education, some economically underdeveloped areas are trying to fill the shortage of physical education teachers and the imbalance of distribution.

  From 2016 to 2020, what is the development trend of the physical health of our country’s school students?

How to solve the problem of imbalanced distribution of resources in physical education in the future?

  "News 1+1" connects with Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, and is concerned about the physical health of young people.

As of 2020, the national failure rate of students in physical health is 6.5% for elementary school students, 14.5% for junior high school students, 11.8% for high school students, and 30% for college students. Why is there such a change?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  Primary school students have the highest level of physical fitness, and colleges have declined significantly compared with high schools, junior high schools and even elementary schools.

This is

related to the school system or education policy

. Primary school students do not have any pressure to enter a higher school. At the beginning of the primary school, they will be admitted to the nearest school. Entrance examinations and upgrading examinations are no longer held. Therefore, quality education is promoted in the primary school, students are fully developed, and the curriculum arrangement is not so tight. The pressure on all aspects of homework is relatively small, so elementary students can have more time for physical exercise and other activities.

From junior high school to high school, the learning pressure is further increasing.

In addition, it is

possible that many people have not formed a good and healthy lifestyle

, and have not cultivated their exercise habits. Therefore, the burden of schoolwork and the pressure of going up to school will significantly decrease their physical fitness.


physical health of

college students

is the

worst. Is it because they are too lazy to move?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  In people’s expectations, college students will have no higher pressure to enter higher education and should have more time for physical exercises or participate in various activities to improve their overall quality.

But the actual situation is that, on the one hand, university physical education is only available in the first and second grades, and

there is no very clear goal requirement

; on the other hand, because the life interests of students in the university are more colorful, many people will be more affected by academic or other The attraction of things, and

very little participation in physical exercises and sports competitions


This may be the reason for the further decline in physical fitness after arriving at university.

The Ministry of Education requires that "primary and secondary schools uniformly arrange 30-minute break-time sports activities every day". How to achieve this?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  We need to turn the existing policies into management projects and require schools in all regions to truly implement them.

A very real problem in campus physical education in our country is that teachers and venues are not balanced and unbalanced. Now it is

first required to have classes well

and at the same time fully guarantee the activity time


In this way, even if the teachers are not so professional, the school can also organize some related sports for teaching

according to local conditions

. We also

encourage local traditional sports to be introduced into the school physical education classroom in accordance with local conditions


The main thing is to ensure that children can learn one or two specific sports skills, while ensuring their physical education and physical exercise time.

This is a hard indicator. We hope that schools in various places will strengthen supervision and make the implementation an important indicator for the assessment of schools, principals and local education administration departments.

How to solve the problem of the gap of physical education teachers?

Especially in economically underdeveloped areas, how to solve it?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  ①The State and the Ministry of Education

encourage all localities to formulate a three-year action plan for strengthening school physical education teachers

, and strive to basically meet the needs of school physical education during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. This is a rigid requirement.

②At present,

various localities are also adapting

measures to

local conditions

and have introduced many corresponding solutions, including some local governments specializing in career establishments, the government purchasing services, hiring physical education teachers, and assigning them to various schools.


national education support program is also constantly advancing

, and at the same time, people from all walks of life who are interested in coaching students in sports are encouraged to participate in the work.

We must take a multi-pronged approach to ensure that the school's physical education classes and students' physical exercises can be carried out on time and on schedule.

The Ministry of Education requires primary and secondary schools to have "Vice Principals of Health". Does it emphasize professionalism?

Or is it a special project?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  The vice-principal of health emphasizes both professionalism and specificity.

Health Vice President is not necessarily the school's vice principal, and

is appointed by the school dedicated people, including health and health departments, doctors, security, etc., is

to enable them to part-time vice president of health to guide schools carry out a health education, health management, including Sports activities on campus.

How to guide the continuous improvement of the national student physical health monitoring data?

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  Both the national level, the Ministry of Education, and the National Health Commission have issued some normative or binding documents, and have also guided local governments to formulate documents and indicators to ensure the physical health of students.

This data is actually to serve us. On the one hand, it is monitoring. How far is our goal?

What is the annual change?

Judging from these data, the physical health of students has indeed been improving in recent years, but the problem of obesity and myopia is still very serious, and we need to continue to work hard for a long time.

In terms of primary and secondary schools, the most prominent ones are:

①We must really increase the time and intensity of physical education and physical exercise; ②We must reduce the unreasonable schoolwork burden of students; ③Policy support, policy guarantee, and supervision must also be indispensable less.

Strengthening physical exercise is equally important to improving students' mental health

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education:

  Mental health problems are very similar to the influencing factors of physical health. If a person sits for a long time, is overloaded with schoolwork and does not have sufficient time for physical exercise, he will not only have physical problems, but also mental problems. . Therefore, we say

"one increase and one decrease", increasing the time of physical education and physical exercise, and enhancing students' artistic practice activities and labor education. In fact, it is equally important for improving students' mental health