Children's books are a light for children to understand the world.

The frightening thing is that some light is mixed with "rays", and what's more frightening is that some "rays" are continuous.

  When the World Book Day approached, reporters visited the bookstore and discovered that some children's books that were previously exposed by the media and criticized by experts were still prominently displayed in the bookstore.

Some unsuspecting parents brought their children to buy, and spent "silver" to buy it.

  For example, in June 2020, a children's book reported by a number of media was suspected of "using wolves to imply pornography."

The reporter visited and found that the book is still in a prominent position in the bookstore, and the relevant content has not been deleted.

More than this book, the reporter found out that many books are still on sale according to the "children's demining book list" sorted out on the Internet, which involved "beautification of suicide", "bloody violence", "suspicion of abnormal love affair" and other content to varying degrees.

  There is a view that children's books cannot be "pure as a vacuum."

Indeed, children are not as vulnerable as we thought.

When we talk about "princes and princesses", we should also talk about "monsters", let them know that the world is not all sunshine, and give them the "vaccine" to deal with the suffering of life in advance.

However, children's books can be displayed but not induced.

Please read the sentence: "It is even infatuated with the erosive abuse of Heisang" and "In the interaction between the opposite sex, only act according to the principle of pleasure."

Is this showing love or inducing desire?

  There is a view that children's books are about "animals" rather than people, and don't project adult filth on children.

The problem is that children's books are not "animal world", not about biological knowledge, but conveying story lines and values.

The essence of the anthropomorphic expression of children's books is to tell stories of people, not animals.

What children read is also human feeling, but just happened to borrow the name "wolf".

  As parents, we can read the beauty of writing, the essence of stories, and the childlike interest in many children's books.

However, considering the shaping of the worldview of children by reading materials, can some reading materials be moved from the "children's reading material area" to the "literary writing area", or some details can be deleted and then listed.

  It should be noted that in recent years, some writers and publishers have quickly revised the children's books after the media and parents raised questions, and listed them after the reprints. Buyers and sellers have formed a benign interaction.

However, there are still some disqualified children's books that are "untouched."

Industry insiders bluntly say that it is also normal for the relevant parties to choose "cold processing" in consideration of cost issues.

  In recent years, the children's book market has been booming, and various publishing houses have joined them.

While this promotes market prosperity, it is also easy to cause some problems.

"Cold handling" of problems can only chill the hearts of parents and the enthusiasm of the market.

  We look forward to the formation of positive interactions among authors, publishers, regulatory authorities, parents, and children, so that a healthy children's book market will flood the world of children with sunshine.

  Our newspaper commentators Wang Jinghuai and Song Rui