China News Service, Beijing, April 23 (Reporter Ying Ni) On the 26th World Book Day, around reading and traveling, Shan Jixiang, the president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Heritage and the former president of the Palace Museum, brought a show in Beijing. Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles-Shan Jixiang's reading day talks about reading" live broadcast.

  During the live broadcast, Shan Jixiang said that in the past three months, he has searched 10 world cultural heritage sites and two cultural landmarks that are in the process of sprinting for heritage. Through walking all the way, experiencing all the way, communicating all the way, and watching all the way, The audience revealed the story behind the splendid heritage displayed on the vast land, and led everyone to re-recognize the "treasures" at the door, especially to let young audiences feel how lively and lovely they are, how worthy to be proud of, and like to care for us. Care for them like your eyes.

  Shan Jixiang said that what he felt most at the Palace Museum was that young people liked the ancient Forbidden City more and more.

One of the important factors is that with the help of programs such as "I repaired cultural relics in the Forbidden City", "National Treasures", and "New, Forbidden City", these programs opened up the channel for dialogue between the Forbidden City and young people, and they began to like "True Youth". The Palace Museum.

"Shan Jixiang takes you into the Forbidden City" book cover.

Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Publishing House Photo courtesy of the Forbidden City Publishing House

  At the end of 2020, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City, the Palace Publishing House published Shan Jixiang's first knowledge book about the Forbidden City, "Shan Jixiang takes you into the Forbidden City", including "Strolling in the Palace", "Cultural Relics" and "Ingenuity of the Forbidden City" Three volumes, in-depth interpretation from three perspectives: architecture, cultural relics, and characters.

  Shan Jixiang hopes that everyone can "read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles."

His strongest feeling is that once he recognizes the great charm of the cultural heritage around him, everyone will have a sense of happiness sincerely; and to understand a world heritage site, he also needs to experience and feel it.

The so-called "You must feel shallow on paper, you must do it yourself if you absolutely know this." If you want to understand a person, you need to get in touch with him; if you want to understand a world heritage site, you also need to experience and feel it yourself. There are more heart-to-heart, blood-connected emotions that come from deep in my heart.

He also believes that more young people will start their own journey of discovery and discovery, taste the sweetness and richness of Chinese excellent culture, fall in love with world cultural heritage, and become their staunch guardians and inheritors.

  The event was jointly organized by the Palace Press and Beijing Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute.