China News Online, April 22 (Reporter Kang Yuzhan and Xu Yin) The TV series "Little Will" starring Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, Li Jiahang, and Zhang Guoli is currently on the air, because it focuses on the topic of "xiaoshengchu" and directly hits the pain points of education. Widely discussed.

"Yes, I played'Cat Dad' again this time, but this version of "Little Will" is really different," Tong Dawei said in an interview with a reporter from on the 22nd.

  "Little Willingness" is adapted from the novel of the same name by the writer Lu Yingong. Like "Xiaohuanxi" and "Little Farewell", it is one of his "Chinese Education Tetralogy".

These three dramas are presented in the form of group portraits, respectively discussing the attitudes of Chinese families to the three key nodes of the children's entrance examination, college entrance examination and junior high school entrance examination.

"Little Willingness" shows the story of the conflicts and conflicts of three generations in a big family, and the mentality imbalance caused by comparison in children's education. A "little willingness family" who grows up in love and entanglement slowly unfolds.

Actor Tong Dawei.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  From "Tiger Mom Cat Daddy" to "Little Will", "Cat Daddy" is still Tong Dawei, and the heroine has changed from Zhao Wei to Song Jia.

"When I first got this script, I was really a little worried because I thought it would be a bit similar to the characters in "Tiger Mom Cat Dad". But after reading the script and having a deep chat with the director, I can understand that this is indeed totally different. The same'cat dad'", compared to the little bottom-line petting of the daughter in the previous "Tiger Mom and Cat Daddy", Tong Dawei said that this edition of "Little Willing" focuses on "the beginning of a small rise" and concerns about learning and planning Far surpassing the "childhood promotion" in "Tiger Mom and Cat Dad", "He also has the anxiety that the traditional "cat dad" does not have, because he has realized that the future impact of children’s future primary school learning is still It's very big, and then there will be screaming in the play."

  "Little Willing" has been broadcast on Dragon TV for more than half of the time. There are many scenes in the play, such as "tutoring children to do homework, getting angry", "crying children until they vomit", so what do you do when you encounter such a situation in your life?

Tong Dawei said frankly that the "out of control" treatment of "things contrary to expectations" is inevitable. "I believe that most parents will want to use a pleasant attitude and method when planning to study with their children, but they will indeed be in the process of implementation. It's a headache and out of control, but we try to have two words in our hearts, that is, firmness and friendliness."

  Tong Dawei said that what parents need to do is to "think in an empathy" with their children, "We have to develop a habit when we were young, and how long does it take to develop this habit. My wife has read an educational book, that is, Any habit may take about three months to complete, and the company of parents is the best way to help children develop this habit."

Tong Dawei pointed out that each child has his own personality and hobbies, so the education method is also different from person to person. "You can't just use other people's methods. You can try a good way, but it may not be suitable for your child."

  The play is titled "Little Willingness", so how do you interpret the meaning of "willingness" and "deleting"?

"I think after the filming of this movie, my own feeling is that what we'get' is a complete and happy home, a big family that is happy and happy. But what we have to'let' is that we are not suitable for this family. Part. Some people have always said that getting married means'one plus one equals one', that is, removing the edges and corners that are not suitable for this family. That is the "giving" and "delivering" of this play," Tong Dawei said.

  During his many years of debut, Tong Dawei's TV dramas are mostly realist themes.

Talking about why he has such a soft spot for this subject, Tong Dawei said frankly, "I think works with realistic themes are closer to life and easier to think. Just like the drama "Little Willing", I especially hope to pass It allows everyone to face up to and reflect on various actual problems in educating children, and to make positive changes."