The "King of Absentees" ... an Italian who has been absent from work for 15 years

A public sector worker described by the Italian press as the "king of the absentees" broke the national record by being absent from work for 15 years.

Police said that the employee who works at Polisi Ciachio Hospital in the city of Catanzaro in Calabria, continued to receive his monthly salary totaling 538 thousand euros despite not having attended work since 2005. According to the British newspaper, "The Guardian".

The 67-year-old faces charges of abuse of position, fraud and extortion.

Six managers are also being investigated on suspicion that they played a role in enabling him to be absent.

Police gathered their evidence from attendance and payroll records as well as witness statements from colleagues.

In 2005, the man allegedly made threats against the hospital director to prevent him from filing a disciplinary report for his absence.