[Concurrent] Liu Yajing, lead singer of the Band

  This is where we usually rehearse. Let’s take a look and ask the team members to say hello to everyone. This is our drummer Lai Hao. I am in charge of the atmosphere, the atmosphere group, and our keyboard player Da Chen. I am in charge. To be handsome, to the one who is in charge of the appearance, and our band captain and guitarist Xiaoxin, I am here to make fun, and our sound control friend Li Chenbin, and bassist Kongfu, and me, I am the lead singer. Jing.

  Which one should I choose to bring the first song?

  [Commentary] The band in front of the camera is called "Baoqingjin". The core members are two young people from Taiwan, Liu Yajing and Ye Jiaxin.

Lead singer Liu Yajing was shortlisted for the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for best ensemble combination, guitarist Ye Jiaxin, can sing, write, play, and arrange.

One is from Kaohsiung and the other is from Taoyuan. After they formed a team in Taiwan, they decided in 2018 to go to the mainland to seek new development in their music dreams.

  [Concurrent] Ye Jiaxin, the guitarist of the Explosive Band

  Basically, my family is very supportive. I told my family that he told me directly, okay, you go, and then a friend from Taiwan. He said that he has never met before, like you, just carry a bag or I came here with a guitar. To be honest, I was really unfamiliar when I first came.

  [Explanation] Regarding coming to the mainland to develop, the two Taiwanese youths said frankly that they didn't think much about it at the time.

But since I first arrived 3 years ago, I chose to develop a new world in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. 3 years later, it has become famous in the local area. The band "Bang Qingjin" has adapted very smoothly, especially Ye Jiaxin, when he mentions the local food and drink in Dongguan. Yes, I was amazed again and again.

  [Concurrent] Ye Jiaxin, the guitarist of the Explosive Band

  After I did drink the lemon tea here, I really found it amazing, wow, it’s so delicious, how could there be such a great thing, the wonton noodles that I had eaten here before, that too Very amazing thing, just take the first bite, wow what is this, it's amazing.

  [Explanation] Now, the friends around know that there is a Taiwanese captain who loves lemon tea in the band, and this lemon tea lover also uses his talents to make lemon tea, and they live in the city of Dongguan. The bits and pieces were written into the song.

  [Explanation] In the three years since coming to the mainland, the band has continued to create. There are currently 15 original songs online, and there have already been more than 20 performances in 2021.

And their new album will be finished soon.

This piece of soil gave these young people a vast space to freely pursue their dreams.

  [Concurrent] Ye Jiaxin, the guitarist of the Explosive Band

  If we are here, in fact, we will have a lot of space to play some of the things we want to do, and we can also allow us to adjust in the process. Another thing I think is very important is why Taiwanese musicians will go to the mainland to develop. Whether they are bands or so-called celebrities, I think one of the key points is that everyone says the same thing. I think it’s quite natural for me to come to this place to develop, because everyone listens. You have to understand what I said, so this is one of the reasons why I think we want to come to this place to develop.

  [Explanation] Now, this band has become a fusion of young people from both sides of the strait. Drummers, keyboard players, and bassists are all music lovers living in the local area. On the day of the interview, they were taking time in the rehearsal room to finish the last practice before the trip. , The next day the band will rush to Nanjing to perform, and then Hangzhou.

The team members discussed whether they could have time to visit the West Lake, the team leader Ye Jiaxin said, it's hard to say.

And Liu Yajing is busy learning Nanjing dialect so as to greet the fans in Nanjing.

  Talking about the future development, the two partners said that everyone is satisfied with the current life and work status, and their attitude towards the future, just like the name of the new album, "An optimistic attitude is a necessity for life".

  [Concurrent] Liu Yajing, lead singer of the Band

  The three years we have been here is what we want to do. After we have completed and advanced step by step, are we satisfied?

I think it is continuing to be satisfied, because after the end of one goal, there is another goal.

  [Concurrent] Ye Jiaxin, the guitarist of the Explosive Band

  I will also tell my family or friends in Taiwan, in fact, you don’t have to presuppose anything. You can come and have a look when you have time. You can see or feel it. That’s a very real thing. Now in Dongguan. I feel very comfortable in life.

  [Concurrent] Liu Yajing, lead singer of the Band

  In fact, I would invite my family to come and take a look, and then even invite friends to come over to play enthusiastically. After they come, they will actually have different ideas about this side. I think this is very good, that is Both sides need to communicate more and understand each other.

  Reporter Wang Qingran from Dongguan

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]