The President of the Republic will visit this Thursday at the Foch de Suresnes hospital in the western suburbs of Paris.

This establishment has the particularity of having coordinated several services (pulmonology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, ENT) in order to diagnose and take care of patients with long-term Covid.

An affection with still poorly understood causes.

Emmanuel Macron will discuss with doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who treat these patients suffering from persistent symptoms of Covid in order to discuss their care.

A quarter of infected people affected

WHO estimates that a quarter of people infected with Covid have symptoms that persist for a month and that one in ten people experience symptoms after three months (loss of taste or smell, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, shortness of breath, sensation of cerebral “fog”…).

Some are still affected a year later and wander from doctor to doctor.

"The adaptation of the health system to ensure the management of the long-term Covid and the initiation of the research necessary to know these symptoms is today a major challenge", underlined the Elysee.

"Facilitate recognition as an occupational disease"

The National Assembly unanimously voted on February 17 a resolution to recognize and deal with the long-term complications of Covid-19.

It also recommended to "facilitate the recognition as an occupational disease of the affections caused by the serious forms" of this disease in the cases where this one would have been contracted at work.

At this stage, the government has granted automatic recognition as an occupational disease to only caregivers sick with Covid with respiratory sequelae.

A device deemed too restrictive by many elected officials.

Towards a “personalized” approach?

The Secretary of State for Pensions and Occupational Health, Laurent Pietraszewski, told deputies in February that the government was "ready to examine the evolution of its system" and stressed that the number of "long Covid" could reach "Several hundred thousand" in France.

The High Authority for Health had issued in February management recommendations, suggesting a "personalized" approach coordinated by the attending physician and a "central place" for rehabilitation, especially respiratory.


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