• The photo of a homeopathy kit aimed at combating possible side effects of the Covid-19 vaccination has gone viral on social networks.

  • Boiron laboratories specify that this is an isolated initiative from the pharmacy.

  • The same protocol is distributed by other pharmacies.

By going to a Breton pharmacy to go for a Covid-19 screening test, this client did not expect this surprise.

In the back room where she was taking the test, she discovered a ready-to-use kit, intended to fight against possible side effects of the coronavirus vaccination.

The particularity of this kit, displayed at 8.45 euros?

It is composed of homeopathy granules.

This discovery, relayed on social networks, alerted Internet users concerned about medical rigor, while France is engaged in a large-scale vaccination campaign to fight the pandemic.

On social networks, several Internet users have questioned the source and the veracity of the image, pointing in particular to the fact that this kit is not part of the communication of the Boiron laboratories, which appear on the kit presentation poster.


This image was taken on Saturday in the back room of a Breton pharmacy, explains

the client's companion


20 Minutes


The kits weren't on the counter, he explains.

Were they still offered to customers?

Asked by

20 Minutes

, the pharmacy did not respond.

Even though Boiron has registered for several years the “Homéopocket” brand which appears on the kit, there is no trace of this kit on the brand's website or on its accounts on social networks.

The kit does not appear to be distributed in other pharmacies.

Health professionals received the same protocol

Boiron laboratories tell us that they do not sell these kits.

“This is a communication initiated by a pharmacist, and, not having previously consulted Laboratoires Boiron, the latter is solely responsible for the messages and tone of employees,” adds a representative of the company.

If this kit seems to be an initiative of a pharmacy, other health professionals explained that they had received similar recommendations from Boiron or from a homeopathy training center, the CEDH.

The ECHR did not respond to our requests on this matter.

Its manager also heads the CFDH, another homeopathy training center, whose premises are registered at the same address as those of Boiron in Sainte-Foy-Lès-Lyon, in the Rhône.

Did representatives of Boiron discuss this protocol with pharmacists?

For the laboratory, “it is possible that this protocol was discussed [with pharmacists] for information in the context of the fight against the pandemic and the deployment of the vaccine campaign.

But it is homeopathic doctors and training schools that carry this protocol.

"Boiron adds that" in no case can a homeopathic medicine replace vaccination ".

This protocol, which consists of taking a dose of Silicia 15CH the day before the vaccination, a dose of Apis 30CH after the vaccination, and finally five granules of Gelsemium 15CH three times a day for four days after the vaccination. vaccination, is recommended on the sites and Facebook pages of several French pharmacies.

The French Federation of Homeopathic Societies also published this protocol in March on its website and its journal.

This is intended to be disseminated to health professionals and not to the general public, explains the president of the Federation, Daniel Scimeca.

Why is the federation disseminating this advice?

"Homeopath and acupuncturist, I treat a population that is often a little more critical and therefore we need to reassure them", explains the doctor.

"My number one goal is for people to get vaccinated," adds the doctor, who specifies that he used the AstraZeneca vaccine in his office.

What about the effectiveness of this protocol?

“Currently, no scientific study allows attributing effects to homeopathic treatments, explains the Belgian site Vaccination info.

No study exists to prove efficacy on the adverse effects associated with a vaccine, beyond a placebo effect.

In France, the Health Insurance no longer reimburses homeopathy since the beginning of the year.

* Both wish to remain anonymous.


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Homeopathy will no longer be reimbursed by Social Security from 2021

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