[Explanation] On April 22, the Guangzhou Taiwan Affairs Office and the health department organized voluntary registration for Taiwanese compatriots to start the first batch of free vaccinations.

The first batch of vaccination targets are mainly Taiwanese compatriots who do not have a residence permit for Taiwan residents or a certificate of participation in medical insurance from the mainland. They apply to the Taiwan Office where they are located, and the Taiwan Office organizes a unified vaccination method.

  In the afternoon of the same day, many Taiwan compatriots came to the vaccination site early to wait in line.

After signing an informed consent form for the use of the vaccine, health status inquiry and vaccination verification, Taiwanese young Lin Shuci successfully vaccinated his first dose of the new crown vaccine.

  [Concurrent] Lin Shuci, a young man from Taiwan

  I was a little worried at the beginning, but there was no special feeling in the fight, it was quite relaxed, and it passed.

  [Explanation] Shen Jianhan, executive vice president of the Youth Association of the Guangzhou Taiwanese Enterprise Association, told reporters that vaccination is a long-awaited thing, because he himself is engaged in business logistics. When the epidemic prevention and control was the most difficult, it was difficult for him to operate. Fortunately, the government introduced a lot of preferential measures to tide over the difficulties.

A few days ago, after receiving the vaccination notice, many young people in Taiwan, including him, actively signed up.

  [Concurrent] Shen Jianhan, Executive Vice President of the Youth Association of Guangzhou Taiwan-owned Enterprise Association

  (Taiwan youth) are also positive. Like yesterday, there were 8 (sign up) as soon as the news was released, because we are still slowly assigning them, and the 8 will be allocated soon. There are a few in each district, such as Baiyun District, Yuexiu District. There are also a few who are full of reports all at once. (Taiwan youth) are also very enthusiastic, because they are all on business trips. I want to say that they can be better protected.

  [Explanation] It is understood that in accordance with the unified deployment of the Guangdong Province’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Guangzhou launched the new crown vaccination work for Taiwan compatriots in Guangzhou on April 19, and all Taiwanese living in Guangzhou can make appointments for vaccination. In accordance with the principle of territorial management and equal treatment, the same policies and regulations shall be implemented with mainland residents in the area where they are located.

As of April 21, the number of Taiwan compatriots who have voluntarily signed up for the new crown vaccine has exceeded 350.

  【Concurrent】Taiwan compatriots Li Baogui

  For example, even if I am going to fight this time, I have passed through many good friends on the mainland. They have actually been vaccinated in China. What he reported to me is that the condition is good, and then it is safe, so today we will say Come get a vaccine.

  [Concurrent] Lin Shuci, a young man from Taiwan

  I think that since you have this opportunity, you should sign up for vaccinations as soon as possible. It may be easier to return to Taiwan afterwards. Some isolation policies may be reduced. Although we don’t know now, vaccinations are to protect yourself and others.

  Reporting by reporter Wei Jiefu from Guangdong

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]