The DJ and musician is the guest on Thursday of the program "Culture Médias" for the release of his album "Destiino".

He returns to Philippe Vandel's microphone on his work of composing original film music, and in particular on the difficult exercise of musical creation for the Netflix series "Grégory".


Yuksek unveils 


, his 5th studio album.

On this occasion, the DJ and musician is invited to the

Culture Médias program

on Thursday 

, where he returns to Philippe Vandel's microphone on his work of composing original music for films and series.

The one who recently signed the soundtrack for the Arte series 

In therapy

explains the difficult balance, between emotion and restraint, that he had to find when he composed for the Netflix series 



This documentary series looks back on the case of little Grégory Villemin, whose body was found in Lépanges-sur-Vologne on October 16, 1984.

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"The idea was not to be too pathos"

How did the musician compose on such a sensitive subject?

"Like most of the time on films or series," says Yuksek.

"I start stupidly from the image, or the scenario. I do not intellectualize my work. When I get down to it, when I immerse myself in the images, I compose in an almost automatic mode."

Although Yuksek lets himself be carried away by the feelings that run through him, he is also keen to find the right balance.

“The idea was not to be too pathos. The important


was, but like in


and all projects, to find the right tone. That's what is difficult in film music. "

"I'm very happy that we don't pay attention to the music"

On this point, two scenes were particularly sensitive, according to Yuksek: the scene of the discovery of Grégory's body and that of the burial, where the mother of the child is uneasy.

This did not prevent it from falling right on the first test sent to production.

"It's a music that takes a little to the guts, but which is not ultra creepy either", estimates the composer.

"Obviously you had to find something sad and melancholy, but without adding more."

But all this work can go unnoticed when watching the series. And that's exactly what Yuksek is looking for. "If I am told that we did not pay attention to the music, frankly, I am very, very happy", explains the musician. "In a series or a film, the idea is that everything is mixed up."