Tensions are building up between Canal + employees, and particularly those in the sports department, and management.

The information site "Les Jours" reveals that elected staff last week launched two procedures for alert rights.

They could eventually lead to investigations.

"Unjustified sanctions", "repression", "authoritarian abuses" ... For several months, unions and employees of Canal + have been alerting to the situation of very strong social tensions within the media group, particularly between journalists from the sports department and the direction.

And the situation does not seem to be improving.


Les Jours

information site 

reveals that elected staff members last week triggered two procedures for whistleblowing rights.

An extremely rare procedure at Canal +: this is the second time in 37 years that it has been triggered.

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"Serious and imminent danger" and "interference with individual liberty"

And this time, the procedure is twofold. The first right of alert is issued for "serious and imminent danger", which leads to an investigation by the labor inspectorate. In question, according to elected staff, the deterioration of working conditions within the editorial staff of the encrypted channel. Employee representatives explain that they are afraid of being made redundant at any time and without valid reason.

The second right of alert is triggered for "violation of individual liberty". It concerns the text supporting the comedian Sébastien Thoena after his dismissal. A text signed internally by a hundred journalists and consultants. This second right of alert can lead to a referral to the industrial tribunal. The management of the encrypted channel has so far not reacted publicly.