Overlooking a large area for sustainability

Mangrove forest in Dubai ... an eco-friendly tree decorates the city coast

The project comes in cooperation between the Emirates Marine Environment Group and "Procter & Gamble".

Photography: Patrick Castillo

On the coast of Dubai, overlooking a vast area of ​​environmentally friendly trees, as part of the mangrove project in Dubai, which seeks to contribute to supporting efforts devoted to the environment, protecting nature through sustainability, combating climate change, and reducing Dubai's carbon footprint, by expanding green spaces with a tree that depends On salt water, without the need for irrigation.

The newly developed forest is located near the famous Dubai Marina area, and extends over a vast area, as it includes a wide range of coral reefs, mangroves, seaweed basins, marine veins, in addition to a natural beach.

The Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, which includes the Mangrove Forest Project in Dubai, is one of the most important global environmental spaces. It is an approved reserve within the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) network, and is listed on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, managed by a group Emirates marine environment.

The initiative comes in line with the "Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040", which foresees a comprehensive future for sustainable urban development in the city.

During a special ceremony, Procter & Gamble revealed, the day before yesterday, the opening of the new forest project, in cooperation with the Emirates Marine Environment Group (EMEG), which supervised the planting of trees.

The project comes within the framework of the two companies' continuous efforts to accelerate their commitment to sustainability and to celebrate the United Nations World Day of Forests.

Environmental awareness

For his part, the founder and CEO of the Emirates Marine Environment Group, Major Ali Saqr Al Suwaidi, said, “The exceptional initiative comes within the framework of our continuous endeavor to strengthen the frameworks of cooperation and coordination with various concerned authorities and institutions to raise the level of environmental awareness among various individuals and groups of society, and to improve patterns of behavior towards our resources. Environmental.

This cooperation embodies our vision to preserve the environment through all our plans, as we believe in the importance of caring for nature to solve a set of challenges that cause climate change around the world.

He added, “The goal of establishing a mangrove forest in Dubai is to support the efforts devoted to reducing the emirate’s carbon footprint by expanding green spaces, in line with Dubai’s master urban plan 2040, to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, foresee a brighter future for us and for our future generations, and enhance the well-being of the emirate’s population. .

This project also aims to protect a wide range of animal species, and to preserve environmental diversity. ”

Wide campaign

For his part, Omar El-Shenawy, CEO of Procter and Gamble in the Middle East, East and West Africa and general export markets, affirmed that “the mangrove project in Dubai is one of our most important environmental initiatives that see the light in the UAE, and the first project is part of initiatives that we hope will find success in the whole world".

He added, “The company launched a number of environmental initiatives to support efforts aimed at protecting, improving and restoring nature around the world.

In the Middle East, this campaign focuses on the idea of ​​restoring nature, which is gaining importance in this desert region, and this step is also in line with Dubai's master urban plan 2040, which aims to double green spaces and provide a healthy environment for citizens, residents and visitors, embodying the role of the private sector in the partnership Actors with the directions and vision of the state ».

Al-Shenawi added that the initiative is in line with the goals of the national agenda for the UAE Vision 2021 to achieve a sustainable environment, and is the latest in a series of innovative environmental initiatives launched by P&G as a force for good, pointing out that the brand is committed, by 2030, to making a difference in the level of the environmental footprint. , While reaching its primary goal of recording zero carbon emissions during this decade.

Coastline protection

The area adjacent to the sea water will be invested in the cultivation of mangroves, which are considered the most environmentally friendly tree species, as they live on salty water without the need for irrigation, which means saving the amount of water used to irrigate trees and various plants. This tree is also distinguished by its ability to sequester carbon, at a rate of three to five times, compared to the isolation and storage capabilities of forests that contain other types of trees.

Mangrove forests also contribute to preserving the environment by protecting the coastline from erosion, in addition to their role in ensuring the continuity of biological diversity, as they are home to a large number of tropical fish species, which prefer to lay their eggs among mangroves.

Procter & Gamble intends to plant new mangrove trees in the Jebel Ali Reserve, and will commit to caring for the oldest Crimea (four or five years old), to enhance the potential for carbon sequestration and offsetting it in the future.

The mangrove forest in Dubai is the first step in an ongoing environmental journey that foresees a more sustainable future.

Ali Saqr Al-Suwaidi:

"The initiative contributes to raising awareness among various individuals and groups of society, and improving patterns of behavior towards our environmental resources."

Omar El-Shenawy:

"The initiative is gaining importance in this desert region, as it is in line with Dubai's urban master plan 2040."

Follow the growth

Procter & Gamble, within the framework of the mangrove initiative in Dubai, has entered into a cooperation agreement with EcoMatcher, based in Hong Kong, to follow up progress through the various stages of this initiative on its technology platform.

The partnership will see the use of Bluchen technology to ensure that the forest and the trees that grow in it can be tracked, to enable participants to follow the growth of the trees they planted via the EcoMatcher website.

It includes a group of coral reefs and seaweed basins, in addition to a natural beach.

• The project also aims to protect a group of animal species and preserve biodiversity.

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