The so-called “reward” traffic lights which turn green when the speed limits are respected are now authorized, we learned this Tuesday from Road Safety, confirming information from the

Radars-auto site


This “behavioral” light detects approaching vehicles as well as the speed of users and turns green when they respect the speed limit.

Fires "sanctions" prohibited

The aim is to make traffic more fluid and encourage compliance with the limits.

According to the decree published on Friday in the Official Journal, these lights are only valid in built-up areas and cannot be installed at pedestrian crossings, intersections and near the urban area entrance sign.

So-called “penalty” lights, which turn red when the user exceeds the speed limits, remain prohibited.

About 1,000 "reward" lights were already used by some municipalities in France, according to estimates from the Union of road equipment transmitted by Road Safety.

The decree was issued following experiments in a few cities and a working group during the year 2020.

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