A few days ago, Li Jiahang accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Beijing News. In his opinion, although Yan Peng in "Little Willingness" has a comfortable personality, he is willing to add interest to family life. He will also mediate between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to maintain family harmony and relieve children's burden.

Through this play, he will also anticipate some of the problems that his children will face as they grow up, and learn some experience from the play.

  In Li Jiahang's opinion, Yan Peng is a playful and relaxed person in life.

In the family, he acts more as a mediator, such as reconciling in the middle of conflicts between his parents and his wife, including when the children behind are too stressed to study, he will also communicate and adjust with Tian Yulan.

  Li Jiahang said frankly that his life is not very similar to Yan Peng, "from self-demand to family life." Li Jiahang said that in the future, the expectation of children's "reporting to classes" is to look at their children's interest, "if he doesn't feel Interest, then it’s not called an “interest class”. It’s still necessary to listen to the children’s own wishes."

Beijing News: What kind of environment did you grow up in when you were a child, and do your parents care about your test scores?

Li Jiahang:

My mother cares very much and keeps staring at me to study.

Actually my dad cared too, but he didn't care too much, he didn't care too much.

Beijing News: Usually you and your wife will discuss some methods of educating children. Will there be any differences between the two?

Li Jiahang: The

child is still relatively young.

I think there are differences, or because there are differences in opinions, it is necessary to discuss, and finally everyone finds the best way.

Disagreements are not terrible, and we will often communicate in peacetime.

Beijing News: What is your own view of education?

Will it be "coiled" by various education classes?

Li Jiahang:

Many times we are crossing the river by feeling the stones.

But generally speaking, I pay more attention to cultivating children's quality. As for children's learning, I may put it behind quality education.

Beijing News: What character do you care about most about the cultivation of your children?

Li Jiahang:

Boys still have a sense of responsibility, curiosity and courage to explore the world.

The Beijing News: Yan Peng himself is like a child, and he doesn't care about the child in the play. What do you think of his educational outlook?

Li Jiahang:

If you say that in an ideal state, a father can attach importance to the child's happy education, or give him a good mood for growth, and at the same time grasp the child's cultural education and quality education in school, of course he is a good father.

I think Yan Peng can do better.

Beijing News: Tian Yulan is an obviously strong "tiger mother". Yan Peng does not have that strong sense of presence in the family. What do you think of this couple?

Li Jiahang:

There are also many family models, and each household is different.

At the end of "Little Will", they were very happy and very happy.

In the process of a child's growth, parents are also growing, which is a process of mutual improvement.

  Beijing News reporter Liu Wei