China News Service, April 21. Henan University's official Weibo issued a notice on the "28 years of wrong life" incident on the 21st.

The notification pointed out that Du's medical record had such problems as hospitalization number, wrong bed number, no record of the first course of illness, and missing hepatitis B surface antigen test sheet.

  According to the report, Henan University has attached great importance to the incident of "replacement of life for 28 years" and established a special working group to carry out relevant investigations.

In the process of handling the incident, we actively cooperated with the judicial organs in the investigation and trial, and solved the problems in accordance with laws and regulations.

The current investigation work has come to an end. The main issues are explained as follows:

  Regarding the issue of baby identification, the hospital used a uniformly configured sterile quilt in 1992, and the quilt was attached with a medallion corresponding to the maternal bed number to identify the baby's identity.

  Regarding the isolation of pregnant women with hepatitis B, according to the 1989 "Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases" and the 2004 and 2013 revisions, neither pregnant women with hepatitis B nor their newborns are required to be isolated separately.

Du had a caesarean section in the operating room, and Xu gave birth naturally in the delivery room. The two had different delivery places and did not live in the same ward.

  Regarding infant care, the hospital implements separation management between mother and infant, and the ward and delivery room are two sets of nursing staff.

After the baby is born, it is weighed and wrapped, and after the mother has passed the inspection, he enters the nursery for centralized management.

At that time, the nursery was on duty in three shifts, and the nurse on duty was responsible for delivering the baby, bathing the newborn, changing the quilt and feeding artificially.

The baby bathes once a day. Two nurses are responsible for bathing, one for bathing and one for wrapping. After washing, the nursing staff will return the baby to the nursery.

  Regarding the issue of medical records, temporary treatment sheets are issued according to the needs of patients; long-term treatment sheets can continue to be executed if there is no change in treatment, and do not need to be issued every day.

The number of pages of Du's medical record material matches the total number of medical record pages recorded on the medical record bag.

  However, Du's medical record has problems such as hospitalization number, wrong bed number, no record of the first course of illness, and missing hepatitis B surface antigen test sheet.

In the handwritten medical record, Du’s medical record number was originally 155849, the 155489 in the medical record was a clerical error, and the hospital did not have a 155489 hospitalization number; according to the staff’s recall, the patient may have 15 beds when they were admitted to the hospital, and then adjusted to 16 beds. Cross out the 15 bed number and rewrite the 16 bed number. The patient's real bed number is 16; for the record of the first course of the disease without Du Mozhi, check the medical records of the same period and find that there is a similar situation; for Du Mozhi hepatitis B surface antigen examination and laboratory test The single loss problem, the specific reason for the loss has not been verified due to the age.

  Regarding the issue of compensation, according to Kaifeng City Intermediate People's Court (2021) Yu 02 Minzhong No. 238 and No. 239 Judgments, Huaihe Hospital paid compensation in accordance with the law within the prescribed time limit.

  Regarding the status of hospital staff, Guo Xizhi, a hospital staff member, worked in the obstetrics and gynecology department from 1988 to 1996 and retired in December 2008.

In 1992, Guo Xizhi was an office nurse in the obstetrics and gynecology department, not a head nurse, and did not participate in the nursing work of the delivery room.

Guo Xizhi has been actively cooperating with various investigations since the incident of "replaced life for 28 years".

Pan Tingting and Guo Xizhi have a mother-daughter relationship. They are ordinary employees of the Office of the Pharmacy Department of the hospital and do not hold any administrative positions. Her husband is not an employee of the hospital.

The hospital "Zhang Peng" has four employees with the same name. Among them, Zhang Peng, who published the paper with Guo Xizhi, is in the Department of Nuclear Medicine, not the hospital's news spokesperson and director of the Medical and Patient Office.

  Henan University stated that it will take this as a warning to carry out educational activities to promote reform through cases, further strengthen management, and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

If the relevant personnel involved in this incident violated regulations and disciplines, once verified, they will be dealt with seriously.