Egyptian seizes 119 million riyals by deception

Umm Abdo, the Egyptian, from the village of Al-Bagour in the Governorate of Menoufia, north of Cairo, seized 119 million riyals, by deception, as she convinced them of her ability to operate their money with profits of up to 10% per month. Arrested within the province.

The victims gave her huge sums of money, which they collected from their relatives to employ her, and there were reports that she had seized 500 million pounds, according to "Okaz" website.

The number of reports that the victims wrote in the Public Funds Investigation Office in the Al-Bagour Police Department reached about 25, where the families accused her of having acquired large sums of money from them, with the aim of operating them and obtaining profits, and by asking about them after a period that they did not find.