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Nowadays, it is required to utilize diverse human resources such as women, people with disabilities, and foreigners in various places.

What are your efforts in Japan?

"Women's workability" is ...

From the perspective of "women's workability," Japan ranked 28th out of 29 major OECD countries, according to a ranking published by the British Economic Magazine in March 2021. ..

It is cited because of the small number of female managers and female members of the company.

Under such circumstances, a unique recruiting method for companies to utilize diverse human resources was set in the 2020 junior high school entrance examination.

Challenge the problem!

A problematic

company was advertising to recruit "CFOs" under the age of 18.

The CFO generally refers to the Chief Financial Officer, but in this company it refers to the "Chief Financial Officer."

It seems that he decided to hire a CFO under the age of 18 in order to utilize the flexible thinking of young people and the attitude of trying to solve the problems of the current company as their own problems to live in the future in the management of the company. ..

What is the idea of ​​actively utilizing various human resources in this way?

Choose one of the correct words from a to d and answer with a symbol.



U Barrier-free


(Toyo University Keihoku Junior High School 2020 renamed)

The answer is i's "diversity," that is, "diversity."

The chief executive officer under the age of 18 is bold.

How to utilize diverse human resources.

We interviewed a company that adopted a CFO.

A company that respects diversity

It is a venture company in Tokyo.

We are engaged in the cultivation of algae Euglena, and manufacture and sell eco-friendly fuels, health foods, and cosmetics.

This is a former Japan national team employee of Para Archery.

I am working with my experience in human resources.

And Chinese employees are active in sales to overseas markets.

About 40% of the employees of the company are women, and there are also directors.

Why do you value diversity?

President Izumo

"If you don't have people with different talents, different special skills, and people who bring you different perspectives that you don't notice on your own, you can't survive in a truly changing era."

Position “CFO” that symbolizes diversity

In 2019, the company established a new position that can be said to be a symbol of diversity.

That is "CFO = Chief Financial Officer" under the age of 18.

Make management recommendations and decisions.

The company has decided to make sure to implement the CFO's recommendations.

This is Kyoko Ozawa, who was selected as the first CFO.

Mr. Ozawa proposed "to reduce the amount of petroleum-derived plastics used in products by 50% by 2021."

Mr. Ozawa

"There are various environmental problems in the world, but I am particularly aware of the impact of carbon dioxide on the earth."

Although reducing plastics was an issue for the company, it was not possible to make a decision due to concerns about a decrease in sales and consideration for business partners.

President Izumo

"I know that I have to reduce plastics. Adults. But adults have a lot of excuses, such as" You don't have to do it now "and" You're wasting money. " I don't do anything. "

The company completely abolished PET bottle products and replaced them with paper containers.

Sales are not declining and the reduction target is expected to be achieved by the end of 2021.

President Izumo

"I don't know if I don't do it, I never know. In the long run, our method will surely be accepted by our customers. The company is moving in that direction."

Challenges the CFO is currently working on

Rena Kawasaki, who attends a school in Osaka, is 15 years old and will be the CFO from 2020.

Mr. Kawasaki wants to further deepen the "culture that respects diversity" that has taken root in the company.

Mr. Kawasaki

"Nothing changes just by increasing the ratio of women, and nothing changes just by including people with sexual minorities. I wonder if the ultimate goal is to be able to express opinions without pressure around us. think"

We would like to further raise the awareness of human rights among employees so that diverse employees can work in a good environment.

Mr. Kawasaki

"I'm thinking of" measures that can make everyone happy


"The voices of minorities, mental health, invisible health, etc. should be conveyed more and more in the company and in society. I have a problem. "

President Izumo

"I don't know what will happen tomorrow. In such an era, it becomes dangerous to get together with similar people and similar friends. Diversity is the most important thing. I am convinced that this era is the most important thing. "

What is important to proceed

There are other moves by companies to focus on diversity.

For example, KDDI allows childcare leave and nursing leave for children with same-sex partners.

Ohashi Transport Co., Ltd., a small and medium-sized enterprise in Aichi Prefecture, secures interpreters to make it easier for foreign employees to work and subsidizes travel expenses when returning home.

Professor Hiroko Sato of Chuo University, who is familiar with corporate diversity and diversity, explains the systems and practices found in Japanese companies, such as working styles that require overtime to promote diversity and a culture that seeks similar ideas. He said it was important to reform.

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