China News Service, Harbin, April 20 (Reporter Liu Xiju) On the 20th, the reporter learned from Nangang District of Harbin that a worker at a construction site in Harbin fell at around 16:00 on the same day and hit two on-site construction workers, causing 2 1 dead and 1 injured.

  According to reports, the project in which the accident occurred was the new student apartment project of Harbin Medical University. The general contractor was Heilongjiang No. 2 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the labor subcontractor was Harbin Xinyu Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd. The project address was located in Nangang, Harbin. No. 157, Health Care Road, District.

  It is reported that at about 16:00 on April 20, a brickwork worker from the labor service company used a battery truck to take the west side elevator to send bricks upstairs. When he went up to the 11th floor, due to improper operation of the worker, he mistakenly adjusted the battery truck to the position. In reverse gear, the vehicle moved backwards and damaged the protective door, causing it to fall and hit two construction workers on the first floor, causing 2 deaths and 1 injury. The injured were sent to the hospital for treatment without life-threatening.

  After receiving the report, the Nangang District Party Committee and Government of Harbin City attached great importance to it and immediately instructed the Nangang District Emergency Bureau to rush to the scene of the accident and conduct investigations into the accident together with the Nangang District Housing and Construction Bureau, Nangang District Federation of Trade Unions, and Nangang Public Security Branch.

At present, the accident is under investigation.