Junior high school students write the Divine Comedy of Station B in half an hour

  With his music talent and video technology, he won nearly a million likes

  "I was in a math class at school, and then a melody popped out of my mind." B station UP, whose screen name is "Vicky Xuan Xuan", advocated Yu Xuan. With an original English song "She", it became popular within a few days." Out of the circle".

  The 15-year-old "Shenzhen girl" said that this song originated from an "inspirational burst" during her class.

She quickly memorized a few lyrics and melody in class, and after returning home, it took less than half an hour to write the lyrics and music.

The song "She" was inspired by the movie "The Queen Wearing Prada", arranged by herself and invited friends to help mix it.

After the creation, she also shot a video MV.

  With its "crisp" voice and humorous expression, the video received 9 million+ views and 800,000+ likes on station B, ranking first in the recommended list of station B.

  Since the beginning of this year, there has been a hot word on social media-"Shenzhen girls", which is considered to be a summary of the phenomenon of "Shenzhen girls" who love to "make money".

  Zhang Yuxuan uses talented and imaginative music and his simple and persistent pursuit of the future to interpret the "Shenzhen Girl" youth code for aspiring and striving.

  "Everything" can be created

  Zhang Yuxuan, 15 years old this year, is a junior at the Shenzhen Art School.

  In a quiet campus, Zhang Yuxuan with a fluffy ponytail dressed in school uniform, saw the reporter smile shyly. Unlike the lively image in online videos, Zhang Yuxuan in real life is very quiet, simple and youthful.

  Zhang Yuxuan has won prizes in the violin competition.

"I have been very interested in music since I was a child, and I discussed with my parents about the path of music, and my family is very supportive." Zhang Yuxuan said.

  In the view of Zhang Yuxuan's teacher, she has a high musical savvy and dare to try.

  In daily life, Zhang Yuxuan often records and writes his own whimsical ideas, what he has seen and heard, and writes them into lyrics.

Sometimes, a melody suddenly popped up in her mind, she would hum it, record it on the phone, and then write it into sheet music.

Up to now, Zhang Yuxuan's station B account has published 76 videos and the number of fans has exceeded 1.2 million.

  Gain a million popularity

  "I am actually the'pistachio' of my friends, and I have always been curious about new things." Zhang Yuxuan said.

  In the fourth grade of elementary school, Zhang Yuxuan had his first mobile phone, and then began to contact social media.

In April 2019, 13-year-old Zhang Yuxuan uploaded the first station B video.

From the beginning, she didn't even understand "one key and three links", to gradually become a professional UP master, "music talent + video technology" made her gain popularity.

  On December 18 of that year, she released a cover video, which quickly surpassed one million clicks.

Ten days later, she struck the iron while it was hot and released the original music video "December Composer" on station B, which also quickly played over one million.

For nearly half a year, she has gained more than 400,000 fans' attention at station B.

  Netizens' comments are full of beautiful words, but there are also criticisms.

  "When I first saw bad comments, I would definitely feel uncomfortable." Zhang Yuxuan said.

Inspired by a foreign singer's use of "black fans" to write songs, she also wrote such a song with comments as the lyrics.

  "The quality of my work is not defined by'fire or not'." Zhang Yuxuan said that after constant adjustments, I can treat netizens' comments with a more ordinary mind and focus more on my own music creation.

  At the end of 2019, Zhang Yuxuan felt that she had become "hot", and many fans left messages in private messages. Since then, she has established two fan QQ groups, which has about 2,000 people so far.

  "Many fans are about the same age as me, and they usually exchange a lot of life, study, and music issues. Some people often ask sister Xuanxuan how to make this music, how to play the guitar, etc." Zhang Yuxuan said.

  The wish of "Shenzhen girl"

  After "out of the circle", Zhang Yuxuan received many invitations for music variety shows, but she refused because she was still young.

  In the short term, Zhang Yuxuan hopes to study new music styles and improve his NetEase cloud music rankings.

"Before it was 5%, no specific rankings were shown. Now it is more than 500."

  The long-term plan is to continue learning.

"I want to study at a foreign institution like Berkeley Conservatory of Music. I want to be a singer-songwriter in the future, and it would be nice to be an UP master who can sing."

  Zhang Yuxuan was born in an ordinary family, his father was engaged in design work, and his mother was an accountant.

Because of an occasional exam opportunity, she enrolled in the private Best Elementary School in Luohu District, Shenzhen.

"The school has courses taught in English, which also allows me to get in touch with English earlier and gradually become proficient in singing in English."

  The person in charge of the Shenzhen Art School said that Zhang Yuxuan's original music video showed a positive image of Shenzhen students.

I hope that while people pay attention to her popularity, they will pay more attention to her works, give her time to settle herself, and at the same time protect the healthy growth of minors.

  I want to go overseas to study music, become a singer-songwriter, want to win a Grammy... Zhang Yuxuan said that she "wants to go to different places to have a look, and want to integrate violin, pop music, Chinese culture, etc.".

Currently, she is composing a rap song for the school song, hoping to make the school song "younger".

  "So far, I have created 26 songs, and there are dozens of songs that have not been released." Zhang Yuxuan said, and now he makes a video every one or two weeks, and publishes a song every two or three weeks. "Things in life, It can be written as a song, and I want to keep singing."

According to Xinhua News Agency