China News Service, Macau, April 20. According to the "Environmental Statistics for 2020" released by the Macau Statistics and Census Bureau on the 20th, Macau’s land area last year was 32.9 square kilometers; the population density increased from 20,400 per square kilometer in 2019 to 20,400. 20,800 people in 2020.

  The average temperature in Macau last year was 23.3 degrees Celsius, a decrease of 0.3 degrees year-on-year; the highest temperature during the year was 35.5 degrees Celsius in July, a slight drop of 0.2 degrees from 2019; the lowest temperature was 6.7 degrees Celsius in December, a decrease of 1.7 degrees.

  A total of 5 tropical cyclones invaded Macau last year. During the typhoon "Hygos", tropical cyclone signal No. 10 was hoisted and the highest gust of 215.6 kilometers per hour was recorded.

  In terms of air quality, the air pollution situation in Macao has improved in 2020. The number of days with "good" air quality recorded at all monitoring stations is more than that in 2019, and the number of days with "bad" recorded significantly reduced.

In terms of respirable suspended particles (PM10) and fine suspended particles (PM2.5), there were no excesses in all monitoring stations throughout the year.