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The Public Health Commission agrees to continue with the current dose interval for vaccines against Covid-19, as reported by the Minister of Health,

Carolina Darias

, during her appearance at the Senate Health Commission.

The commission has met this Tuesday urgently to analyze the possibility of delaying the administration of the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine to

increase the population to which a dose is inoculated


However, as reported by Darias, it has agreed to maintain the current interval of administration of the vaccines, that is,

21 days between the first and second doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer, and 28 days for the vaccine of modern


"There is

nothing to change

. It has been brought to the Commission by the request of some autonomous communities with arguments for and against. I also had my position but respectful and I am glad that it has been agreed to follow the current interval because we know the advantages that it has a double protection of the second dose ", has detailed the Minister of Health.

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